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  • 2013
  • 1 Season
  • 6.7  (24)

The New Atlanta is a reality TV show by Bravo that ran for one season in 2013, featuring a group of young and ambitious individuals living in Atlanta, Georgia. The show focuses on the lives of Africa Miranda, Sincerely A. Ward, Jevon Dewand, Alexandra Dilworth, Tribble Reese, and Emily Lipman, each of whom is trying to make a name for themselves in various industries, such as music, fashion, and event planning.

Africa Miranda is a singer/model/actress who is trying to make it big in the entertainment industry. She is confident, driven, and determined, and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. Sincerely A. Ward, on the other hand, is a fashion designer who is also trying to make it in the world of fashion. She is creative, innovative, and aims to create a unique style that sets her apart from other designers.

Jevon Dewand is an event promoter who is known for throwing some of the biggest parties in Atlanta. He is charismatic, outgoing, and has a large social circle that includes some of the most influential people in the city. Alexandra Dilworth is a real estate agent who is just getting started in the business. She is determined to succeed and is willing to take risks in order to make a sale.

Tribble Reese is a former college football player who is now trying to make it in the world of modeling. He is handsome, charming, and is a hit with the ladies. Emily Lipman is an up-and-coming jewelry designer who is trying to get her line of jewelry noticed by fashion influencers and celebrities.

Throughout the show, The New Atlanta captures the lives of these young and ambitious individuals as they live, work, and party in the bustling city of Atlanta. Viewers are treated to a behind-the-scenes look at their personal lives, their professional struggles, and their relationships with one another.

The New Atlanta is full of drama, as the cast members navigate the ups and downs of their careers while trying to maintain their friendships and stay true to themselves. Whether it's Africa's struggles with her music career or Sincerely's attempts to launch her fashion line, there is always something happening in this dynamic group of young entrepreneurs.

In addition to the personal drama, The New Atlanta also explores the city of Atlanta itself, showcasing its vibrant nightlife scene, cultural landmarks, and local businesses. From visiting the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site to attending exclusive parties at some of Atlanta's hottest nightclubs, viewers get a glimpse into what life is like in this dynamic city.

Overall, The New Atlanta is a must-watch for fans of reality TV shows that focus on young professionals trying to make it in their respective industries. With its diverse cast of characters, dramatic storylines, and gorgeous backdrop of Atlanta, this show is sure to keep viewers entertained and engaged from start to finish.

The New Atlanta is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on September 17, 2013.

The New Atlanta
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Should He Stay or Should He Go?
8. Should He Stay or Should He Go?
October 29, 2013
Tension mounts between Tribble and Vawn in the first season finale. Also: Emily gets an unexpected visit from her ex; and Vawn must choose between Africa and Alex.
Let's Get Physical
7. Let's Get Physical
October 27, 2013
Africa confronts Vawn about standing her up at a club. Meanwhile, Alex accuses Vawn of neglecting her; and bedlam abounds when Emily and Tribble challenge Vawn at his book seminar.
Devil With the Blue Dress
6. Devil With the Blue Dress
October 22, 2013
Emily hosts a BBQ and uses the opportunity to grill Vawn about his relationships with Alex and Africa. Alex doubles down on her quest to win Vawn's heart. Africa is blindsided by Vawn when a mysterious lady in blue captures her man's attention during a night out at the club.
Sashay, Shante, Melee
5. Sashay, Shante, Melee
October 15, 2013
Feeling flirty, Alex stops by Vawn's house unannounced. Africa confronts him about his relationship with Alex. Meanwhile, Emily hosts a fashion show, where Alex and Africa's feud takes center stage.
Bad Romance
4. Bad Romance
October 8, 2013
Africa is falling hard for Vawn despite Tribble and Emily's increasing suspicions. After a wild night out on the town, Emily makes a startling accusation against her ex. As Africa looks on, Alex steps in to make a move on Vawn.
Watch Your Back
3. Watch Your Back
October 1, 2013
Africa confronts Alex as their friendship continues to disintegrate. Elsewhere, Vawn woos Africa, leaving Tribble upset; and Emily's ex-boyfriend makes an appearance just as her store relaunches.
Ejected & Rejected
2. Ejected & Rejected
September 24, 2013
Tension between Emily and Alex spills over at Africa's birthday bash. Elsewhere, Tribble hopes to begin a new romance and seeks out Africa's number, and technical troubles jeopardize a performance by Africa.
Dine, Dash & Party-Crash
1. Dine, Dash & Party-Crash
September 17, 2013
In the series premiere, meet Africa, an aspiring singer, and her friends. The show follows Atlanta's next generation as they navigate through life.
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The New Atlanta is available for streaming on the Bravo website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The New Atlanta on demand at Amazon, Vudu, hayu, Google Play, Apple TV and Bravo.
  • Premiere Date
    September 17, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (24)