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Becoming the “PBS NewsHour” after a re-launch in 2009, this television news program is broadcast on weeknights. “The News Hour with Jim Lehrer” first aired in 1995 as a way for PBS to compete with the larger networks. This program deviates from other news shows by focusing on longer, more in-depth segments.

9 Seasons, 19 Episodes
October 19, 2009
Cast: Robert MacNeil
The News Hour with Jim Lehrer

The News Hour with Jim Lehrer Full Episode Guide

  • Attorney General Eric Holder discusses why he will prosecute the alleged Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo Bay detainees in civilian federal court in New York. Also, the chairwoman of the FDIC discusses the lessons of too big to fail and President Obama kicks off his Asian tour in Tokyo. Finally, the analysis of Shields and Brooks.

  • President Obama orders his top advisers to revise the war options they presented him as the White House continues to weigh sending more troops to Afghanistan. Also, a report on the radical cleric the alleged Fort Hood gunman contacted before the shooting and a look at the fragile state of East Timor. Finally, a report on the historical heavy workloads of U.S. presidents.

  • At Arlington National Cemetery, President Obama marks Veterans Day with an address before meeting with military advisors on Afghanistan. Also, the regulatory power of the Fed is challenged under a bill being proposed in the Senate and a look at how states are coping with crushing budget problems. Finally, a report on PTSD and how military men and women are coping with the stresses of war.

  • At an outdoor ceremony, President Obama honors victims of the Fort Hood massacre . Investigators search for further clues into the mental health of the alleged gunman. Also, a debate on the potential costs of health care reform and a look at life in America for Iraqi refugees. Finally, Big Bird has a big day as Sesame Street celebrates a milestone.

  • New hurdles in the future for Democrats as health care reform moves from the House to the Senate. Also, the Ft. Hood community tries to make sense of the deadly shooting spree and new details emerge of the alleged gunman. Also, Margaret Warner talks with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and a look at life without parole for juveniles. Finally, we remember the fall of the Berlin Wall 20 years later.

  • Following the mass shooting at the U.S. Army base in Fort Hood, Texas, the death toll rises to 13. Unemployment hits double digits for the first time since 1983. Also, a look at the rising competition in the freelance job market and lawmakers gear up for a big weekend on health care reform. Finally, Margaret Warner reports from Afghanistan and the analysis of Shields and Brooks.

  • Tragedy strikes at the U.S. Army base in Fort Hood, Texas after 12 people are shot dead and 31 wounded. Also, Congress moves to protect unemployed Americans without benefits and the push for and protest against health care reform continues. Also, the U.N. pulls its staff from Afghanistan following a deadly bombing. New charges of insider trading rock the world of hedge funds.

  • Republicans celebrate wins in key gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey. Also, former Afghan Presidential Candidate Abdullah Abdullah sits down for an interview with Margaret Warner in Kabul and discusses how pundits are affecting the national political discourse. Finally, a guilty verdict is delivered to former CIA agents in Italy.

  • President Hamid Karzai promises unity in his first speech since being declared the victor of the Afghan presidential election. Also, voting held in key races across the U.S.; the accountant to Bernard Madoff pleads guilty and Democrats begin push for climate control. And, the auto industry shows signs of life and we track the stimulus money trickling into New York classrooms.

  • President Obama gets a briefing from the Pentagon on Afghanistan. Margaret Warner sits down for an interview with Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, as she concludes her trip in Pakistan. Also, a look at what the stimulus is doing for U.S. job creation and how algae are being turned into green energy. Finally, the analysis of Shields and Brooks.

  • The worst recession since the 1930s may be sneaking in as the economy expands 3.5 percent from July to September. Also, House Democrats reaveal a health care reform bill; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues her trip amid heavy security in Pakistan and an interview with a former state department official who recently resigned. Finally, we take a look at the links between the NFL and dementia.

  • From Pakistan, Margaret Warner reports on the violence that stopped an official visit from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Also, look at the efforts to get renewable energy to urban areas. Finally, a report on how the small island of Borneo combines a love of the environment with health care and a conversation with rocker Ben Folds.

  • Majority Leader Harry Reid decides to include a public option in health care reform, causing a struggle between lawmakers over how to move forward. A look at how a potential opt-out clause could affect state governments and the hidden burdens of poverty and disease. Finally, a conversation with the bulldog of organized labor.

  • The deadliest day for American forces in Afghanistan in more than four years with at least 14 U.S. troops and civilians killed. Sen. John Kerry discusses his recent trip to Afghanistan then a journalist who escaped from a seven-month kidnapping by the Taliban describes what he went through. Also, swine flu hits home for U.S. families and author Michael Chabon takes a look at manhood.

  • New statistics show vaccine shortages are plaguing the flu fight against the H1N1 virus. Health officials say it is spreading faster and further than expected. Also, a heated debate emerges in Britain over freedom of speech and Margaret Warner talks with Afghan expert Rory Stewart. Finally, the analysis of Shields and Brooks and we hear from pilot who became a hero on the flight that changed his life.

  • Federal agencies move to curb executive pay at firms that received bailout money. Also, a debate on health reform and the effect it could have on the insurance industry, and Indonesia tries to bring balance to religion and politics. Finally, follow the stimulus money through rural America and hear the poems of Sherman Alexie.

  • TARP watchdog Neil Barofsky discusses the state of the economy with Ray Suarez. Also, a conversation with former auto task force chairman Steven Rattner and a look at what a vaccine shortage could mean in the fight against swine flu. Finally, reports on the risks of cancer screening and the future of journalism.

  • Investigators find that the election results in Afghanistan are full of fraud, setting up a potential runoff between President Karzai and his main challenger. Also, heavy fighting continues in tribal Pakistan and the State Department looks for new ways to find peace in Sudan. Finally, a report on the history of climate from Greenland and the White House confronts Fox News.