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Adult Swim
1 Season, 52 Episodes
June 26, 2019
Cast: Tahir Moore, Barry Brewer, Troy Damien, Steve J. Owens
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The Perfect Women Full Episode Guide

  • Wet shaming

  • the Iowa ska scene is cancelled

  • What did you think you were? An art critic?

  • I only poopoo a teaspoon a day

  • A show for DJs and longboarders and five guys in a room

  • Summer profile clearance

  • Sperm questions answered

  • Let's have a talk

  • Someone in chat gets horny

  • A very special 2 week anniversary of the 69th episode episode

  • These young ladies are going poopoo and pp right now?

  • you're rich and you f**k your video games

  • Do you think the weed is danker in heaven

  • Don't you dare show your f***ing magnets right now

  • The funny Office

  • kinda like Stevie Ray Vaughn, but a girl

  • A new hope

  • pp or poopoo?

  • What the show would be like if it sucked a little worse

  • Slurpn' the A out of some P

  • Why did Mary abandon us?

  • Let's bring doi back

  • Where's the hot chick

  • Avery special profile episode in honor if St. Valentine's Day

  • The front ass. The ass where you pee

  • Salad?

  • take a fat shit (in Newark)

  • Long nails & butt play (feat. Patriarchy/Actually Huizenga)

  • I forgot about the cartoon PPs

  • Shit Babies (feat. Ariel Pink & John Maus)

  • Year End Clearance

  • The dude from Gogol Bordello is your hall pass?

  • A very special episode

  • Lower than a bitch

  • Fat nut December (Dir. P.T. Anderson)

  • A sexy little baby brain, smooth like a peanut

  • Do you have that mountain dew disease

  • Foo Fighters don't believe that HIV gives you AIDS

  • Apologies. New Beginnings

  • Your mommies meet very horny boy

  • Special musical Negative Gemini sing for you

  • Hot drop in from Clare O'Kane @babysfirstgun (feat. anime tiddies)

  • 9/11 hotwing muckbang

  • Turns out it's Soundcloud day

  • Do you think my piss is gonna hurt

  • enjoy hanging out with the libertarian dad

  • Nobody on this show f***s kids

  • KitKat & Dinah @sluttytaylorswift give your Mommies a makeover

  • R.I.P. Mary Kobayashi

  • Chemtrails, fun socks

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