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On the Iberian Peninsula, discover a secret world of nature, inhabited by various creatures competing for survival. After nearly four years of recording, witness this stunning collection of footage, captured deep within the animal kingdom. From amphibians and reptiles, to mammals and birds, learn all about the diverse species represented in Spain, along with the extraordinary places they inhabit.

The Secret World of Nature: Spain is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (5 episodes). The series first aired on .

The Secret World of Nature: Spain is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Secret World of Nature: Spain on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

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1 Season, 5 Episodes
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The Secret World of Nature: Spain Full Episode Guide

  • In episode 5, we explore the importance of water within the Iberian ecosystem. We observe various species found near the lakes, rivers and Mediterranean coast. We witness why water is so essential for the development of life. Watch the emperor dragonfly emerge from its chrysalis. See the European pond turtle, the spadefoot toad, a common octopus, curious hermit crabs, and more.

  • In episode 4, we delve into the hidden mysteries of the night. We discover the nocturnal habits of foxes, barn owls, army ants, lizards, and the infamous Iberian skink. We also witness the mighty chameleon and its eating habits during the cover of darkness.

  • In episode 3, we observe the different plants and animal species that are found in the meadows and valleys of the Iberian Peninsula. We analyze the survival tactics of an old hawk. We witness how a young rabbit survives an attack from two hungry crows. We also see rare footage of shrikes, vipers, a kestrel, and an impressive fight between a wolf spider versus a yellow scorpion.

  • In episode 2, we explore the mysteries of the Mediterranean forests of Spain. A climate featuring mild winters, dry summers and abundant rainfall throughout the year results in abundant vegetation and flora. We observe the buzzard, marbled newts, salamanders, and a deadly confrontation between the great ladder snake and a bat.

  • In episode 1, we traverse the Pyrenean mountain peaks of Spain, capturing the natural lifestyles of the species that inhabit these lands, from the courtship ritual of wild goats to a pack of hungry vultures. We also observe the wonderful and little known Pyrenean newt, and mysterious creatures of the night, such as the dormouse and Iberian owl.