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  • 1988

The Taxman Cometh is a political sitcom series that follows the lives of government employees working in the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). It is set in the United States, where the IRS is responsible for collecting taxes from individuals and businesses. The show focuses on the IRS employees and their interactions with taxpayers, delinquent taxpayers, and politicians. It brings to light the challenges and difficulties that the employees face while doing their job. The show highlights the complexities of tax laws and how these laws are enforced.

The primary character in the series is the head of the IRS department, John McNamara, who is tasked with ensuring that taxes are collected efficiently and with integrity. McNamara is portrayed as a stern and uncompromising leader who is not afraid to make difficult decisions. He is also shown to be a family man, and his personal life is occasionally featured in some episodes.

The show also focuses on the lives of other IRS employees, such as the auditors, investigators, and collectors. The characters are portrayed as hard-working and sometimes overburdened with the workload. They also face various challenges when dealing with taxpayers who refuse to pay their taxes or dodge their tax obligations. The show depicts the employees' frustrations and their efforts to balance their work and personal life.

The Taxman Cometh addresses many issues related to tax enforcement and collection. Each episode features a different case, where the IRS employees devise unique strategies to catch the delinquent taxpayers. Some cases involve wealthy individuals and businesses who try to evade taxes, while others deal with small-time dodgers trying to cheat the system. The show highlights the investigative techniques used by IRS agents and their efforts to bring tax evaders to justice.

Apart from taxpayers, the show also portrays the relationships between the IRS employees and politicians. The series highlights how politicians often use tax laws to their advantage, pushing the IRS agents to enforce the laws in a specific way. The show illustrates the political pressure faced by IRS employees, and how it affects their work.

The Taxman Cometh is not just a political sitcom series but also a family drama. The show often depicts the personal lives of the IRS employees, their struggles with family, relationships, and balancing their work and personal life. The audience gets to see the character's transformation as they deal with various challenges, both personal and professional.

The show's writing is a combination of humor and drama, providing a balanced view of the IRS employees' work and personal life. The humor in the show is not always slapstick, but rather situational and witty, bringing a smile to the audiences' faces. The drama in the show is well written and emotional, giving the audience a glimpse of the IRS employees' struggles.

Overall, The Taxman Cometh is an enjoyable series, providing a unique perspective on the IRS and its employees. The show is well-produced and written, with excellent acting from the cast, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in politics, tax laws, and humor. Whether you are a fan of sitcoms or political dramas, you will find The Taxman Cometh both entertaining and enlightening. So, grab your popcorn and tune in to the show for some laughter and a better understanding of the U.S tax system.

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  • Premiere Date
    February 24, 1988