The Three Stooges, The Collection 1952-1954

Lovers of classic slapstick comedy will not want to miss this laughter inducing collection of performances by the great American giants of physical comedy, The Three Stooges. The trio participated in numerous film and television productions together, distinguished by their goofy on-stage characters and funny, distinctive hair styles. This collection of their work highlights humorous escapades from productions made between 1952 and 1954. Viewers should prepare for a lot of bellowing, nose tweaking, and head thumping, standard fare for the funny but usually demonstrative stooges. The zany antics all occurred in fun and deliver outstanding slapstick comic performances.

Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
1 Season, 22 Episodes
May 1, 1952
The Three Stooges, The Collection 1952-1954

The Three Stooges, The Collection 1952-1954 Full Episode Guide

  • The Stooges escape from jail to prevent their newly rich dad from marrying Daisy, a gold-digger after his money. Shemp looks like dad, so he impersonates him and marries Daisy. What the Stooges don't know is that Daisy is in cahoots with some crooks, and they plan to bump off her new husband. The boys foil the crook's plan and take Pa home to Ma.

  • The Stooges are policemen on the trail of a murderer. They unsuccessfully interrogate an Italian organ grinder, among other suspects, and then catch the bad guy after a gunfight that nearly destroys the police station.

  • The Stooges are private detectives hired to find a missing girl. The boys disguise as pie salesmen and end up wandering around a mad scientist's mansion, trying to find the girl. The boys confront a gorilla and various other bad guys, before rescuing the girl.

  • Set in the old west, the Stooges must defend their honor against the Noonan brothers, three desperadoes who want to marry the same girls the Stooges are courting.

  • Would be detectives, the Stooges get a job guarding a Scotch castle while the owner is away. The servants are crooks intent on robbing the castle of its valuables. Though they do their best to frighten the boys off, the Stooges prevail and expose the crooked goings-on.

  • The Stooges run a tailor shop and need money to pay their creditors. A bank robber leaves his coat in the shop with a combination to a safe. When the crook comes back to retrieve the coat, the Stooges capture him and get his bankroll.

  • The Stooges are auto mechanics who need money so they can marry their girls. When some escaped convicts pull into their garage, the boys manage to capture them and use the reward money to marry their sweethearts.

  • The Stooges go out west for Shemp's health. The boys soon run afoul of a local villain who is forcing pretty Nell to marry him. The bad guy has Nell's sisters locked up, and its up to the Stooges to rescue them and save the day.

  • Set in the middle ages, the Stooges wish to marry their sweethearts, but the King won't give his consent until Princess Alicia gets married. The princess is abducted by Mergatroyd, an evil magician who plans to marry her and become ruler of the country. The Stooges help the princess escape and then defeat the magician and his henchmen in a sword fight.

  • The Stooges are willed a lot of dough from a rich uncle, but the executor of the estate, Icabob Slipp, is a crook who absconds with the money. The Stooges trail him to a theater where they engage in a wild chase and ultimately recover their inheritance. (The opening scenes are taken from "Hold that Lion".)

  • Set in Elizabethan times, the Stooges help their friend Cedric the Blacksmith win the hand of the fair princess Elaine. The only problem is that Elaine is promised to the Black Prince who is plotting to take over the kingdom. The Stooges manage to foil the plot and the grateful King allows Cedric to marry Elaine.

  • Tax cheats Moe, Larry and Shemp decide they're so good at cheating the government, that they start a business as crooked tax advisors. They become rich, but an undercover agent from the IRS gets the goods on them, and it's off to jail for the Stooges.

  • The Stooges are entrusted with taking care of their friend's house while he goes off to get married. At first they only wreck the place a little bit, but when they try to install a television antenna, total destruction ensues. When their friend returns with his bride, she's so shocked she walks out on him.

  • The Stooges are pharmacists who invent a fountain of youth formula that can turn old people young. They turn an old lady into a beautiful young woman, but when her husband takes the formula it turns him into a gorilla.

  • The Stooges do a good turn and help a stranger open a safe in what they think is the man's house. Actually the man is a crook and the boys were unwitting accomplices to a robbery. Once they realize what's happened, the Stooges go after the bad guy and who's left on the train to Las Vegas. The boys trap the villain and recover the booty.

  • The Stooges escape from jail to prevent their newly rich dad from marrying Daisy, a gold-digger after his money. Shemp looks like dad, so he impersonates him and marries Daisy. What the Stooges don't know is that Daisy is in cahoots with some crooks, and they plan to bump off her new husband. The boys foil the crook's plan and take Pa home to Ma.

  • Shemp wins $50,000 in a radio contest and the Stooges move into the Hotel Costa Plente where they live it up and wreck their fancy suite. While they wait for the prize money to arrive, the boys are pursued by three gold-digging dames after their winnings. When the check arrives however, it's only for $4.85 after tax deductions. (Basically a remake of "Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb".)

  • Listen Judge (1952): Comedy is now in session! The Stooges are on their worst behavior in this wacky tale of law and disorder.

  • Larry is a pet dealer who's seeing Moe's wife while at the same time trying to steal Shemp's fiancee. When Moe becomes suspicious, Larry attempts to frame Shemp as the boyfriend. He gets Shemp a job as a door-to-door pajama salesman and sends him to Moe's apartment, and then tells both Moe and Shemp's fiancee to go there and catch him in the act. Larry's plan backfires when Shemp catches him and lets Moe deliver some punishment.

  • Larry and Shemp are living in a stolen railroad car. Larry wants to marry his girlfriend, but she won't consent until Shemp marries her sister. Shemp however, is constantly drunk and in love with "Carry", an imaginary giant canary. Moe is an investigator from the railroad, sent to discover how the car was stolen from a moving train. Moe is also in love with Shemp's girl. Shemp winds up with both women, but still prefers his imaginary canary.

  • CORNY CASANOVAS (1952): Love is in the air for these laughable Lotharios. The Stooges all romance the same gold-digging gal with hilarious results.

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