The Ultimate Merger

Donald J. Trump Presents The Ultimate Merger, commonly known as simply The Ultimate Merger, is an American hybrid of reality series and game show. The program pits a female looking for love against a series of eligible bachelors. The setup of The Ultimate Merger was similar in format of the show it was spun-off from - Donald Trump's The Apprentice. The contestants lived in a huge Las Vegas suite while they competed in physical and mental endurance tests to gauge their compatibility with the bachelorette. Instead of the winner getting some type of bonus, like in The Apprentice, the contestant was granted a date with the bachelorette. Those not selected headed into the series version of the Board Room, known as the Mediation Room, where the bachelorette worked work with their special advisor or celebrity guest to determine the fate of the contestants. Those selected for elimination, either one or multiple males, left the Las Vegas suite, and the show, forever. One of the main differences between The Ultimate Merger and other dating game shows was the makeup of the contestant pool - it was made almost entirely of male, African-American professionals.

The first season's bachelorette was former Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault. After whittling down the contestant pool, R&B singer Ray Lavender became her potential new beau. However, she left the show with no one after it was discovered Lavender was legally separated from his wife at the time. The Ultimate Merger's season two contestant was fashion model and actress Toccara Jones.

The Ultimate Merger was created and executive produced by Donald Trump and Andy Litinsky, along with Robert C. Horowitz and Lewis Fenton. The program is produced by Juma Entertainment in association with Trump Productions LLC. The program aired on the United States cable network TV One from June 2010 until September 2011. As of this writing no new episodes of The Ultimate Merger have been ordered by the cable network.

Thursdays at 9:00 pm on TV One
2 Seasons, 17 Episodes
June 17, 2010
Cast: Jason Newsome, Isaac Keys, Sebastian Rocha, Elijah Connor
The Ultimate Merger

The Ultimate Merger Full Episode Guide

  • Reality TV diva Omarosa is looking for love and Billionaire mogul Donald Trump has selected 12 hot and successful bachelors for her. Tune in to meet all twelve guys and make your early pick on who will be left standing after enduring Omarosa's tests.

  • The final two bachelors are ready to face off for Omarosa's love, but a surprise is awaiting both of them as...

  • In this week's competition, the guys must sharpen their business skills when they're asked to create and...

  • The men use their noses to create a signature scent for Omarosa.

  • Lines are being drawn in the men's suite. Friends and confidants are being made but enemies are revealing...

  • The guys face a curious challenge this week in "the oldest form of verbal combat" - a debate.

  • The guys face a curious challenge this week in "the oldest form of verbal combat" - a debate.

  • Under the watchful eye of UNLV Track & Field Head Coach Yvonne Scott Williams, the guys compete for a date...

  • Omarosa meets with Donald Trump, and learns that she is going to have a chance to find the ultimate merger...