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The Wannabes is a television series fixated on situation comedy. The show follows the lives of six high school students at a classical performing arts school. Five of the students are a part of the real life pop star band "Savvy." The kids attending the artsy boarding school have high hopes and goals of making it big one day as pop stars. Little do they find out their lovely school only show cases classical music and dance classes. In this series, they face problems trying to reach their pop star dreams, average teenager issues, and avoiding their detention loving principal.

The Wannabes is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on September 5, 2011.

Where do I stream The Wannabes online? The Wannabes is available for streaming on Starz Kids & Family, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Wannabes on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4:00 PM et/pt on Starz Kids & Family
2 Seasons, 32 Episodes
September 5, 2011
Comedy, Kids & Family, Music
Cast: Drew Reinartz, Shaylen Carroll, Andrew Bowen Stern, Sarah Gabrielle LeMaire
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The Wannabes Full Episode Guide

  • The detention drama gets ramped up as Mr. Pesckow relieves our gang from their service at Mr. Moody's. They are forced to find a way back into his "bad" graces. The gang still sits in detention, shocked that they can no longer go to Moody's. Sarah, who's especially upset, starts a melodramatic solo about her friendships with the gang. Meanwhile, Mr. Pesckow visits Moody's to discuss his current position with the gang. Mr. Moody tries to assure him that they're just kids. He soon breaks into song about youthful mistakes and giving people second chances. Afterwards, the two decide to stick with the plan, that the gang is ready for phase two. Back in detention, the gang feverishly works to concoct a plan to cause trouble and get sent back to Moody's. They sing a remix of "I Wanna Dance," but Mr. Pesckow never shows up. Mr. Pesckow enters and finds the band of rebels arguing over what to sing next. He sees they haven't changed their ways and decides to send them.

  • After pitching several spring dance theme ideas, Andrew decides to go with Symphony in Space: The Final Dance frontier. Andrew works feverishly to put the dance together and has recruited Sarah to assist him. Meanwhile, Drew brags to Alan and Andrew that he'll have the most beautiful date at the dance, Anastasia, who just finished modeling in Europe. Alan and Andrew don't believe him, poking fun at his imaginary girlfriend. Andrew's too busy to have a date while Alan decides to fly solo. Mariah ends up with two dates while Shaylen jumps at her first offer and agrees to go with Egbert, who suffers from terrible allergies. At the dance, Andrew, dressed as an astronaut, welcomes everyone to the dance. Drew shows up alone, saying Anastasia's running late, but his friends still don't believe him. Mariah arrives with her two dates, who fight over who gets to take her jacket and who can get her punch. Shaylen arrives with Egbert, who's decked out in a lime green tuxedo. Everything seems to be going well until Mr. Pesckow informs Andrew that he forgot to book a band. Panicked, Mr. Peskow plays his accordion to the audience, but ends up storming out of the dance after getting booed off the stage. Andrew has an idea, ties the door shut to lock Mr. Pesckow out, and convinces the gang that they need to perform. The gang finally agrees, especially Mariah and Shaylen, who are desperate to get away from their dates. The gang rocks out to wild applause while Mr. Pesckow tries desperately to get back into the dance, demanding to know what's going on. He eventually gets back in, but can't figure out who performed. The dance is a success.

  • The detention drama gets ramped up as Mr. Pesckow relieves our gang from their service at Mr. Moody's. They are forced to find a way back into his "bad" graces so the Wannabes as a group can continue to perform at Mr. Moody's.

  • In an homage to classic and current musicals, the gang deals with the drudgery of detention through music and dance along with fellow student detainees.

  • The gang argues over who is coolest of them all. They use the footage from their concert to prove it.

  • When a video of the kids performing is accidentally uploaded to the web, their secret is jeopardized. Mr. Pesckow is on the lookout for the Highlands students he believes are in the video.

  • After a petting zoo runs wild in the mall, trapping the gang in the sweet shop, the gang must deal with their fears while having fantasies about their futures.

  • Alan and the gang reminisce over their time together at Highlands the night before a hearing that just may keep Alan in school.

  • Alan decides to spend the day at the carnival instead of writing his sonata. Out of time, Alan decides to steal an obscure piece off the Internet to turn in as his own work. Meanwhile, trouble arises on Sarah's first date.

  • After a prank is pulled on Andrew, a full-blown prank war ignites. Andrew and Sarah join forces to get back at the guys. Meanwhile, Mariah and Shaylen get in on the pranks after both lie about auditioning for the school play.

  • After Sarah is quarantined for having a mysterious illness, the only thing she can do is watch television. She begins to see her friends' lives play out in several television genres, including Drew's newfound crush on Shaylen.

  • The gang believes that their dreams have come true when a local club owner asks them to perform at his club across town.

  • The Spring Dance has arrived and Andrew has been put in charge, with Sarah acting as his assistant. While the gang worries about who they are going to take to the dance, real problems arise when Andrew forgets to book a band.

  • A wealthy customer rents out Moody's Sweet Shop for her son's Australian-themed birthday party, forcing the gang to dress up and entertain the un-entertainable kid.

  • When Highlands is forced to host a nearby sports academy, our boys challenge them to a basketball game.

  • Andrew suspects that there's a secret society within the walls of Highlands Academy. He and the gang investigate and discover an underground dance club run by Alan.

  • The gang gets trapped in the school after helping Andrew film a horror movie for a short film contest, and life begins to imitate art as the gang gets "scared straight."

  • An alumna of Highlands Academy returns to give a sizable endowment to the school during the annual freshman play. But when her prized jewels go missing, the gang must find the thief before Mr. Pesckow gives them all detention.

  • Alan decides to run for class president. But the popularity goes to his head and he loses focus on what's really important for the school, causing a rift between him and Shaylen. Sarah comes up with an idea to help feed the homeless.

  • Sarah gets accepted into the Highlands Academy "Prep Program" as a dance major. After Mr. Moody gives her a new cell phone, she quickly gets into trouble with Mr. Pesckow and causes problems for the Wannabes.

  • Worried she'll fail her dance final, Shaylen gets a tutor -- who happens to be Andrew disguised as his alter ego, Santiago. And when Sarah helps Alan find his iPod, she uses her detective skills to track down her dad's recipe thief.

  • A girl becomes enamored with Drew after overhearing him talk in a Scottish accent. She becomes obsessed with him. After he breaks up with her, she's determined to reveal the Wannabes' secret identity.

  • Drew's ego becomes unbearable when he gets a part in a commercial. He decides to leave the band, but his star falls as quickly as it rose. Meanwhile, Mariah, who is watching Mr. Pesckow's phones, misplaces his niece's pet hamster.

  • After watching a video about global warming, Mariah becomes an environmental activist. When she organizes a student revolt against Mr. Pesckow's unfriendly ecological policies, reporters visit Mariah to do a story on her.

  • Mr. Moody hosts a video game competition similar to Guitar Hero called "Beasts of Rock." The boys enter the contest and revel in their newfound rock 'n' roll personae, and must rely on Sarah to save the day.

  • The gang thinks quitting school will expedite their rise to stardom. Mr. Moody puts them through their paces, teaching them that an education is more important than fly-by-night fame and money.

  • Egos collide when the gang can't agree on which song to sing. Mr. Moody teaches them that everyone must work together to be successful.

  • On their first day at Highlands Academy of the Arts, the gang gets in trouble for disobeying the strict curriculum. As punishment, they're sent to work at Moody's Sweet Shop, where they meet Sarah and form the Wannabes.