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  • 2011
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.6  (73)

The Wannabes is a television series fixated on situation comedy. The show follows the lives of six high school students at a classical performing arts school. Five of the students are a part of the real life pop star band "Savvy." The kids attending the artsy boarding school have high hopes and goals of making it big one day as pop stars. Little do they find out their lovely school only show cases classical music and dance classes. In this series, they face problems trying to reach their pop star dreams, average teenager issues, and avoiding their detention loving principal.

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Classroom Musical Part Two
13. Classroom Musical Part Two
March 1, 2012
The detention drama gets ramped up as Mr. Pesckow relieves our gang from their service at Mr. Moody's. They are forced to find a way back into his "bad" graces. The gang still sits in detention, shocked that they can no longer go to Moody's. Sarah, who's especially upset, starts a melodramatic solo about her friendships with the gang. Meanwhile, Mr. Pesckow visits Moody's to discuss his current position with the gang. Mr. Moody tries to assure him that they're just kids. He soon breaks into song about youthful mistakes and giving people second chances. Afterwards, the two decide to stick with the plan, that the gang is ready for phase two. Back in detention, the gang feverishly works to concoct a plan to cause trouble and get sent back to Moody's. They sing a remix of "I Wanna Dance," but Mr. Pesckow never shows up. Mr. Pesckow enters and finds the band of rebels arguing over what to sing next. He sees they haven't changed their ways and decides to send them.
Classroom Musical Part One
12. Classroom Musical Part One
March 1, 2012
In an homage to classic and current musicals, the gang deals with the drudgery of detention. The gang is sitting in the cafeteria, excited that it's musical week at Highlands. Finally, they don't have to just sing the classics. Before they know it, the entire lunch room is swept up in a musical number about musicals. Mr. Pesckow storms in and punishes the gang and six other students for starting the whole mess, but not before giving his own big finish, dancing on a table. In detention, the gang envisions themselves as prisoners, playing the harmonica, freaking out as the walls close in, and trying desperately to escape. Mr. Pesckow tries to quell these nightmares, detention isn't that bad. Suddenly, Matt McBride enters with a tuba stuck to his head. Mr. Pesckow leaves to deal with it, leaving the kids alone. It isn't long before the gang breaks out in song and dance again, excited for detention to end. The other six kids shush them, not wanting to get into anymore trouble, and it is revealed that the other gang wants to be pop stars too, singing an operatic version of The Wannabes intro. Before they can finish, Mr. Pesckow reenters and punishes them, sending them to "special detention," serving and cleaning up. Meanwhile our gang has been quietly sitting and "studying." Mr. Pesckow commends them for their studious behavior and releases them from their "special detention," working at Moody's. The gang is shocked. What's going to happen to The Wannabes?
Beyond the Wannabes
11. Beyond the Wannabes
February 15, 2011
While being interviewed on the Dame Dorothy Dennison Show, The Wannabes are caught red handed when it's revealed the Dame Dorothy Dennison is actually Mr. Pesckow. We open on Dame Dorothy Dennison, of the Dame Dorothy Dennison Show, by introducing The Wannabes and welcoming the three guys of the Wannabes, Alan, Andrew, and Drew, who answer questions about their act. The interview soon turns into an argument between the guys. At which point, Dame Dorothy rolls concert footage of their latest gig. When we return, Dame Dorothy brings out the girls: Mariah, Sarah, and Shaylen. The girls lead us into more concert footage. When we return from the footage, our entire gang is on stage with Dame Dorothy. They talk about being students at Highlands Academy. Dame Dorothy mentions the difficulty of having to hide their act from their Principal. The gang brushes it off, not scared of Mr. Pesckow finding out, when Mr. Pesckow reveals himself to be Dame Dorothy Dennison. Caught red handed, the gang t
Internet Sensation
10. Internet Sensation
February 14, 2011
When a video of the kids performing is accidentally uploaded to the web, their secret is jeopardized. Mr. Pesckow is on the lookout for the Highlands students he believes are in the video. Before the gang decides to come clean, several doppelganger groups appear. While rehearsing their latest hit, the gang video tapes Mr. Moody, who attempts to show them how to break it down. Alan plans to upload it to the web. The next day, the gang discovers they've accidentally uploaded their rehearsal video, and it's gone viral. While, at first, excited, Mr. Moody reminds them that this publicity is not a good thing. Things get worse the next day when Mr. Pesckow discovers that the group performing in the video are Highlands students and plans to expel them when he finds the culprits. Back at the Moody's Sweet Shop, Mr. Moody is distraught that he can't reveal his latest and greatest creation while the gang is shocked that their video has a million hits, even after attempts to remove it from the
Stuck in the Mall
9. Stuck in the Mall
September 9, 2010
Mr. Moody unveils his latest and greatest creation, a smoothie entitled The Lions, Tigers, and Berries to welcome the petting zoo that just opened at the mall. The kids aren't that excited about it until Mr. Moody tells them that they'll be performing tonight. As the gang prepares for their show, Andrew envisions The Wannabes 30 years in the future. In Andrew's fantasy (30 years in the future), The Wannabes are the most popular band in the world and have been unanimously voted to be the first rock band to perform on the moon, their newest space colony. They're snapped out of the fantasy when an announcement over the P.A. says that animals at the petting zoo have broken loose. The gang joke about a few cuddly animals breaking loose in the mall before Sheriff Moody suddenly barges into the sweet shop, locking the door behind him. The animals have taken over the mall! Everyone tries to calm Sheriff Moody, but it's no use, he's been frightened to the core, reminiscing about the frightening
The Plagiarist II
8. The Plagiarist II
March 1, 2012
Back in Alan's room after the benefactor's Recital, Alan is packing his things when his friends show up to give him moral support. The gang reminisces about Andrew's wacky plans (clips). Noticing Alan's student hand book, Andrew has an idea, rushing out of Alan's dorm, falling down on his way out. We then see clips of the gang falling down. Later that night, Mr. Pesckow, rudely awakened, shows up in his pajamas and a seaweed face mask to tell Alan that he has the right to have a hearing before his expulsion, but admits that it is only a formality and Alan should continue packing. Mr. Pesckow exits and Joseph Schultz reappears, advising Alan to buy a pair of ballet shoes. The next day, the gang waits nervously as Alan has his hearing. They think about all the crazy costumes they had to wear (clips). At the hearing Alan pleads his case and talks about how much he loves Highlands and hopes the board will reconsider their decision. Meanwhile, the gang waits anxiously, unable to imagine Highlands without Alan (we see clips featuring Alan). They can't take it anymore and decide to do something about it. The gang rushes in just as Alan's meeting with the board has ended. They verbally attack Mr. Pesckow for not giving Alan another chance, cutting him off multiple times from talking. Alan finally tells them that he's staying, but he has to re-take music composition and minor in acting and dance. The gang celebrates. Sarah is excited to go ballet shoe shopping with Alan. This piques Alan's interest and he notices Joseph Schultz, nodding approval.
The Plagiarist
7. The Plagiarist
March 1, 2012
Alan is busy working on his sonata in his room when his friends rush in, trying to get him to go to the carnival with them. Alan initially turns them down, but he can't concentrate and decides to go. Meanwhile at the mall, Sarah has been tricked into wearing a cupcake costume to pass out Moody's coupons. While passing them out, she meets Chuck, who's dressed as gelato passing out McScreamy's coupons. Chuck asks her to the movies and she agrees, but Mr. Moody isn't pleased. That night, Alan has trouble with his sonata and realizes he never should have gone to the carnival. He falls asleep and is later woken up by Eric, a fellow hall mate, who needs to use Alan's computer to cheat on an assignment. After watching Eric, Alan finds an obscure sonata on the Internet and decides to copy it. The next day, Mr. Pesckow shows up in Alan's room, asking Alan about the sonata he turned in. Alan's worried that he's caught, but Mr. Pesckow loves it and wants Alan to finish the sonata for the school's Benefactor's Recital. Meanwhile, Mr Moody shows Sarah what to do if Chuck tries to put his arm around her or get the end of the night smooch. This becomes the least of Sarah's problems when she realizes that Chuck is much shorter than she is. His costume made him look taller. Alan decides to copy another piece of music off the Internet when Joseph Schultz (played by Mr. Moody) visits him, he's the composer of the music Alan stole. He convinces Alan that he needs to be original with his work - he needs to do the right thing. Meanwhile, the kids have been recruited by Mr. Moody to spy on Sarah. They watch her from the back of the movie theatre. Sarah sees them and asks the girls for help. Out in the mall, Sarah admits that Chuck being short is a problem for her. Mariah and Shaylen convince her that his height wasn't why they went out, but because he was funny and nice. Sarah realizes her mistake and agrees to keep seeing Chuck. Later, on
Prank Wars
6. Prank Wars
September 6, 2010
Andrew's celebrates his birthday in the lounge. Alan and Drew pull a prank on him by blowing up a birthday cake in his face. Sarah, angry they ruined a perfectly good Moody cake, convinces Andrew that everyone's laughing at him. Andrew declares war on them. He quickly strikes back, setting up Drew's dorm room in the hallway and waking him up, in his boxers, in front of his classmates. He then syrup and feathers Alan at his locker. Meanwhile, the girls have learned that highlands will be putting on a play of Antigone. Neither one plans on auditioning. After school, Shaylen shows up to the audition and is shocked to see Mariah there. Shaylen confronts her only to be called in for her own audition. This sparks an all out war between Mariah and Shaylen, both determined to get the lead role in the play. Later, Shaylen walks into Alan and Drew, who are planning to drop a giant water balloon on Andrew, but accidentally drop the balloon on Mr. Pesckow. Shaylen, inspired by Alan and Drew, switc
InDirect TV
5. InDirect TV
September 3, 2010
At lunch, Shaylen's upset that a boy she likes, Chazz, won't even acknowledge her existence. Before she can do anything about it, Mr. Pesckow appears in a HAZMAT suit and quarantines Sarah in her room, encasing her in a plastic bubble. As Sarah sits in her room, watching her favorite soap opera, Shaylen has an idea to pretend to like Drew in order to make Chazz like her. During a soap opera fantasy (Sarah's interpretation as she watches a soap opera on TV) Shaylen pretends to be in love with Drew, which causes Chazz to notice her. Back in reality, The plan has begun to work, but Drew seems to have real feelings for Shaylen. In a cop drama fantasy, we see Drew in an interrogation room, being questioned by Alan (good cop) and Mariah (bad cop). After some intense questioning, Drew admits to liking Shaylen. Back in reality, Alan is worried that Drew might be taking this too far, but Drew won't listen. Alan confides in Sarah. In a puppet show fantasy we see Drew, as a puppet, proclaim his l
Whacky Manager
4. Whacky Manager
March 1, 2012
The gang performs at Moody's as slices of pizza. After their performance they are swarmed by young fans, some even try to bite Mariah's costume, thinking it's a real slice pizza. A young guy approaches the gang and introduces himself. His name is Hank and he owns a club on the other side of town called Moxi and wondered if they'd like to perform there sometime. Mr. Moody isn't so sure about the idea, but the gang convinces him to give it a shot. The next day Mr. Moody and the gang visit Moxi. Mr. Moody isn't let in for being too old and has to sneak in. Meanwhile, Hank shows the gang around Moxi and asks them if they'd like to perform. The kids jump at the opportunity and have a blast. After the song, Mr. Moody finally agrees to give them a chance to perform at Moxi, but to not forget that working at Moody's is a punishment from Mr. Pesckow. But before Mr. Moody can finish talking to them he's dragged away by the bouncer for sneaking in. Hank shows up, congratulates them and offers to bring them on as his house band. The kids are in, but first they need to sign a contract, just a "formality." Drew quickly signs it and Hank reveals that the contract makes him their manager and he has a few new ideas for the group. We then see the gang performing different versions of their music, like Heavy Metal Night, Country Western, and German Techno. Finally, they can't take it anymore and decide to leave Moxi and return to Moody's Sweet Shop. At least there they can be themselves. Mr. Moody takes them back with open arms, but hank suddenly shows up and tells them that they have a contract. Mr. Moody quickly squashes the contract by revealing to Hank that all of the kids are under 18, which voids it. Hank exits defeated. The kids are bummed that they had to give up a paying gig, but Mr. Moody admits that he's been putting money aside for them for a rainy day.
3. Break/Dance
March 1, 2012
After pitching several spring dance theme ideas, Andrew decides to go with Symphony in Space: The Final Dance frontier. Andrew works feverishly to put the dance together and has recruited Sarah to assist him. Meanwhile, Drew brags to Alan and Andrew that he'll have the most beautiful date at the dance, Anastasia, who just finished modeling in Europe. Alan and Andrew don't believe him, poking fun at his imaginary girlfriend. Andrew's too busy to have a date while Alan decides to fly solo. Mariah ends up with two dates while Shaylen jumps at her first offer and agrees to go with Egbert, who suffers from terrible allergies. At the dance, Andrew, dressed as an astronaut, welcomes everyone to the dance. Drew shows up alone, saying Anastasia's running late, but his friends still don't believe him. Mariah arrives with her two dates, who fight over who gets to take her jacket and who can get her punch. Shaylen arrives with Egbert, who's decked out in a lime green tuxedo. Everything seems to be going well until Mr. Pesckow informs Andrew that he forgot to book a band. Panicked, Mr. Peskow plays his accordion to the audience, but ends up storming out of the dance after getting booed off the stage. Andrew has an idea, ties the door shut to lock Mr. Pesckow out, and convinces the gang that they need to perform. The gang finally agrees, especially Mariah and Shaylen, who are desperate to get away from their dates. The gang rocks out to wild applause while Mr. Pesckow tries desperately to get back into the dance, demanding to know what's going on. He eventually gets back in, but can't figure out who performed. The dance is a success.
Playful Platypus
2. Playful Platypus
March 1, 2012
While Sarah and Mr. Moody prepare to open the Sweet Shop for the day they are visitied by a wealthy woman, named Sandy, who is looking to throw a birthday party for her son... at 3pm today. Before Mr. Moody can refuse, Sandy gives him a blank check to make it possible. Later, when the gang arrives for another day at Moody's, they discover the Sweet Shop has been decked out in Australia-themed decorations - Sandy's son loves Australia. He surprises the kids, telling them that the party will also double as their first paying gig. The kids are excited, until they see the Australian animal costumes they'll be forced to wear. Drew is a Koala, Andrew is a Platypus, Alan is a Dingo, Sarah is a Wallaby, and Mariah & Shaylen are Kangaroos. They decide to go on, but discover that they're only performing for one kid, the birthday boy, Storge - no one else showed up. They realize, after a tearful story from Mr. Moody's past, that if they don't try to go out there and entertain Storge, he could be sc
Space Invaders
1. Space Invaders
March 1, 2012
When a neighborhood high school has a water main break in their gym, they move their sports program to Highlands Academy. Complications ensue when the boys feel threatened by the macho jocks invading their school, even threatening their popularity by getting the attention of the girls at Highlands, including Mariah, Sarah, and Shaylen. After an incident at the Sweet Shop, our guys challenge the jocks to a basketball game. After try outs go horribly wrong, Alan, Andrew, and Drew recruit Mariah and Shaylen to join their team. Both are excellent basketball players. In a game to 20, they're spotted 16 points and score quickly to bring the score to 18-0, but they are unable to make another basket as the jock team doesn't let Mariah or Shaylen, their best players, get the ball, double and triple teaming them. With the game tied at 18, the gang huddles up and decide to play to their strengths; The gang gets into an argument with each other about how terrible they are at basketball, which draw

The Wannabes is a television series fixated on situation comedy. The show follows the lives of six high school students at a classical performing arts school. Five of the students are a part of the real life pop star band "Savvy." The kids attending the artsy boarding school have high hopes and goals of making it big one day as pop stars. Little do they find out their lovely school only show cases classical music and dance classes. In this series, they face problems trying to reach their pop star dreams, average teenager issues, and avoiding their detention loving principal.

The Wannabes is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on September 5, 2011.

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The Wannabes is available for streaming on the Starz Kids & Family website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Wannabes on demand at Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV and Tubi TV.

  • Premiere Date
    September 5, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (73)