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  • 2010
  • 1 Season
  • 6.0  (25)

Thintervention with Jackie Warner is a reality TV show from Bravo that aired in 2010. The show follows celebrity fitness trainer Jackie Warner as she helps a group of overweight men and women achieve their weight loss goals through a combination of intense workouts, healthy eating, and therapy.

Jackie Warner is a well-known fitness expert and entrepreneur, known for her appearances on the television show Workout, which chronicled her life as a fitness trainer in Los Angeles. Thintervention with Jackie Warner takes a similar approach, but instead of focusing solely on Jackie's personal life, the show follows a group of participants as they work toward transforming their bodies and lifestyles in just 10 weeks.

The show features a diverse group of contestants, from stay-at-home moms to businessmen, all struggling with weight issues. Through a series of intense workouts, Jackie pushes the contestants beyond their comfort zones, helping them shed pounds and gain confidence. In addition to the physical challenges, Jackie also leads therapy sessions with the participants, addressing the emotional issues that often contribute to unhealthy habits.

Throughout the show, viewers get to know each of the contestants on a personal level, from their struggles with self-esteem to their triumphs in their weight loss journey. Jackie is there every step of the way, offering encouragement and guidance as the participants make progress toward their goals.

One of the unique aspects of Thintervention with Jackie Warner is the focus on healthy eating. Jackie works with the contestants to develop meal plans that are not only nutritious but also tasty and satisfying. She shows them how to cook healthy meals at home and provides tips for dining out in a way that won't sabotage their weight loss efforts.

The show also incorporates technologies and community support to help the contestants achieve their goal. Jackie uses high-tech tools like heart rate monitors and body composition scales to track their progress, and the contestants are also required to weigh in weekly to ensure they stay on track. In addition, the contestants are assigned a buddy for support during the journey.

Throughout the season, viewers get to see the contestants transform before their eyes. They shed pounds, gain confidence, and learn how to maintain healthy habits for life. The show is inspiring, motivating, and empowering, offering a positive message about the importance of taking control of one's health and wellness.

Overall, Thintervention with Jackie Warner is a must-watch for anyone interested in health and fitness. It's an engaging and entertaining reality show that offers practical advice and inspiration for anyone looking to lose weight and transform their lives. With Jackie's guidance and the support of the community, the participants learn that anything is possible if they work hard and believe in themselves.

Thintervention with Jackie Warner is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on September 6, 2010.

Thintervention with Jackie Warner
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The Final Weigh-In
8. The Final Weigh-In
October 25, 2010
The contestants have been away from Jackie for six weeks and have tried to incorporate what Jackie has taught them. Now they have their final weigh-in and their big reveal.
Sink or Swim
7. Sink or Swim
October 18, 2010
Jackie has one last week with her clients before they are sent off on their own for six weeks to lose weight.
Sweat is Sexy
6. Sweat is Sexy
October 11, 2010
Jackie has her clients get in touch with their "inner sexy" now that they are seeing the benefits of their labor and have gained more confidence.
Big Fat Liar
5. Big Fat Liar
October 4, 2010
Some of the clients are seeing drastic changes while others aren't seeing a huge difference.
Chase and the Burn
4. Chase and the Burn
September 27, 2010
Jackie adopts a new method in the fourth week of training. She sends her clients on a 3-mile run in the beginning of the week and then has them experience a firefighter workout.
The Fat & The Furious
3. The Fat & The Furious
September 20, 2010
After three weeks of training, the clients are fed up so Jackie meets with them to try to resolve their issues.
Uphill Battle
2. Uphill Battle
September 13, 2010
This week starts out with basic training, which doesn't produce the desired results. So Jackie surprises the clients by pairing them up for support during the program but also for a grueling hike at Griffith Park.
Experience Thintervention
1. Experience Thintervention
September 6, 2010
Join Jackie Warner as she transforms clients into hot and healthy individuals.
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Thintervention with Jackie Warner is available for streaming on the Bravo website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Thintervention with Jackie Warner on demand at Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV and Bravo.
  • Premiere Date
    September 6, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    6.0  (25)