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Thintervention with Jackie Warner is an American reality documentary television series. This show airs on Bravo television. The basic premise is that the woman behind all of the magic is Jackie Warner, an American fitness trainer who is an inspiration for weight loss. She assists her clients in losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. She helps to target what the triggers to their unhealthy eating and lifestyle choices are in order to fix the problems and help them reach their goal weights. The members then weigh in and have a group therapy session. This series is an inspiration, feel good show about one woman who has the power to change other peoples' lives through positive thinking and healthy living. It is for anyone who has ever tried and failed, only to get back up and try again and have the success be that much sweeter because of the struggle.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
September 6, 2010
Cast: Bryan T. Donovan, Mandy Ellen, Craig Ramsay, Jackie Warner
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Thintervention with Jackie Warner Full Episode Guide

  • The contestants have been away from Jackie for six weeks and have tried to incorporate what Jackie has taught them. Now they have their final weigh-in and their big reveal.

  • Jackie has one last week with her clients before they are sent off on their own for six weeks to lose weight.

  • Jackie has her clients get in touch with their "inner sexy" now that they are seeing the benefits of their labor and have gained more confidence.

  • Some of the clients are seeing drastic changes while others aren't seeing a huge difference.

  • Jackie adopts a new method in the fourth week of training. She sends her clients on a 3-mile run in the beginning of the week and then has them experience a firefighter workout.

  • After three weeks of training, the clients are fed up so Jackie meets with them to try to resolve their issues.

  • This week starts out with basic training, which doesn't produce the desired results. So Jackie surprises the clients by pairing them up for support during the program but also for a grueling hike at Griffith Park.

  • Join Jackie Warner as she transforms clients into hot and healthy individuals.

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