Through the Lens

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Through The Lens is a television show that deals with glory and intense moments. The greatest photographs in the world are taken by individuals willing to put their lives on the line. These include places like waterfalls and the wildlife. The reason why many people enjoy this show is because it is real. These real people in real places and they are taking real pictures. Everything in this show is real and the photographs are incredible. There are many photographs shown on this show that would otherwise never be showed at all. In every episode, the most daring people go on these missions to deliver a beautiful piece of art. People get to see the good and the ugly of what it

National Geographic
1 Season, 1 Episode
August 28, 1995
Documentary & Biography, Nature
Cast: Bruce Greenwood, Megan Gallagher, Mary Gregory

Through the Lens Full Episode Guide

  • Go behind the lens where split-second timing can spell the difference between success and failure. National Geographic holds court for many reasons, the biggest is its amazing photography. By examining the work that goes on behind the lens, this documentary lets you into the world of professional photography and shows what goes into capturing some of history's best moments.