To Have & To Hold: Charlotte

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  • 2019
  • 1 Season
  • 6.9  (20)

To Have & To Hold: Charlotte is a reality television show that premiered on OWN in 2019. The show revolves around the lives of several couples residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, as they navigate through their different relationships, careers, and personal struggles.

The show features Joshua Anglero, Juliana Isabel Gutierrez, and Angelina Paris Anglero, among other cast members. Joshua, a former NFL player, is married to his wife, Ursula, and together, they face several challenges, including financial crisis and communication breakdown. Juliana and her husband, Jason, strive to keep their marriage intact despite personal issues, while Angelina and her partner, Michael, try to rebuild their relationship after infidelity.

Other couples on the show include Toya and Eugene, who try to balance their careers with their family responsibilities, and Ashley and Corey, who struggle to come to terms with their different backgrounds and expectations.

The show provides a glimpse into the daily lives of the couples, showcasing their individual struggles and triumphs. It highlights issues such as communication breakdown, financial struggles, infidelity, and cultural differences. The couples are seen working through their issues, seeking advice from each other and professionals to help them build stronger relationships.

Throughout the show, viewers witness the highs and lows of each couple's journey. From wedding planning to family vacations, To Have & To Hold: Charlotte delves deep into the personal lives of each cast member, while also providing an emotional and entertaining experience for viewers.

The show is a refreshing break from traditional reality TV, as it does not rely on manufactured drama and conflict to maintain viewership. Instead, it presents a realistic portrayal of relationships and the struggles that accompany them. Viewers are given an opportunity to relate to the cast members, seeing their own struggles mirrored in the lives of the couples onscreen.

To Have & To Hold: Charlotte is an engaging and thought-provoking show that challenges the conventional notion of love and relationships. It provides an honest and authentic look into the complexities of marriage and the challenges that couples face. Ultimately, the show inspires viewers to reflect on their own relationships, and to work towards building stronger, more meaningful connections with their partners.

To Have & To Hold: Charlotte
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Popping Off
10. Popping Off
August 3, 2019
Alane accuses Tyyawdi of giving up too soon on her marriage and invites Juliana over to resolve their differences; Peter answers Josh's proposal; and when Darhyl and Christine see a fertility doctor, their conflict about when to have children reignites.
Enraged and Engaged?
9. Enraged and Engaged?
July 27, 2019
Josh decides to propose after a fallout at Christine's party brings Alane's friendship with Peter and Josh to the brink of collapse; Tyyawdi second-guesses her separation from David; and Ursula's career dreams hit a roadblock.
Party Bus or Bust
8. Party Bus or Bust
July 20, 2019
The drama at the Ugly Sweater Party continues as Josh stands up to Alane for Juliana. Tyyawdi and David announce their separation and set ground rules for the next phase of their relationship. Darhyl throws Christine a lavish birthday party.
It's Time to Make Moves
7. It's Time to Make Moves
July 13, 2019
Josh takes a giant step in his relationship with Peter and Juliana; Darhyl puts his foot down about starting a family; and Tyyawdi and David's big announcement at their annual "Ugly Sweater" holiday party is upstaged by fighting between Alane and Juliana.
Leaving The Nest
6. Leaving The Nest
July 6, 2019
Alane reveals a health issue that threatens her livelihood, while Christine and Darhyl anxiously take a pregnancy test. Ursula and Clinton try to ease the tension by arranging a group astrology reading for their friends.
Stop Making (Radio) Waves
5. Stop Making (Radio) Waves
June 29, 2019
Josh, Juliana, and Peter diss Alane on a podcast. Ursula receives news that triggers her marriage.
The First Spanksgiving
4. The First Spanksgiving
June 22, 2019
It's Thanksgiving in Charlotte. Tyyawdi and David come clean with their family about nesting. Ursula tries to prevent her daughter's boyfriend from proposing. Peter and Josh host a costume party.
Party Foul
3. Party Foul
June 15, 2019
As Tyyawdi and David struggle with their trial separation, they find themselves being ambushed with unsolicited advice at Christine's party in front of Tyyawdi's ex. Ursula meddles in her daughter's relationship hoping to stall her marriage plans.
Three's A Crowd
2. Three's A Crowd
June 8, 2019
Ursula and Alane attempt to fix Tyyawdi's marital woes with trips to a sex toy shop and a V-Spa. Meanwhile, Alane's friends Peter and Josh move into a new home in an attempt to gain some distance from Josh's ex-wife Juliana.
All That Glitters Isn't Gold
1. All That Glitters Isn't Gold
June 1, 2019
Alane and Yandrick plan a party but the high budget forces them to acknowledge their weakening financial situation. Tyyawdi and David are on the road to separation. Darhyl pushes Christine to start a family but she is not ready to give up her lifestyle.
  • Premiere Date
    June 1, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (20)