Top Spot

This series allows people to take a tour of three different hotels in popular travel destinations. They get to see what they like about the hotel and see if it fits their needs. The person then books the hotel that they liked the best.

Travel Channel
1 Season, 8 Episodes
July 12, 2012
Cast: Ted Stewart
Top Spot

Top Spot Full Episode Guide

  • A couple plan a five-night New York City getaway on a $4500 budget. They tour three resorts before deciding on one. Included: a luxury hotel near Central Park; a charming boutique hotel in Greenwich Village; a hip hotel in Brooklyn.

  • A Texas couple tour three Vancouver resorts before choosing the one they want. Included: a relaxing retreat in the heart of the city; a secluded island resort; a hip downtown hotel.

  • Three Costa Rican resorts are toured.

  • Three Las Vegas resorts are toured. Included: a flashy hotel on the Strip; a vintage classic on Fremont Street; a secluded resort in the desert.

  • A family is offered three Caribbean vacation packages including a private beach, a chartered yacht, and a hillside villa that comes with a private chef.

  • A family tours three London hotels before choosing the one they like the best.

  • In the series premiere the Scarpino family have a $2500 budget for a Miami getaway, they're given a choice of three resorts and have to decide on one after a quick tour of each.

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