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  • TV-Y7
  • 2008
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.7  (83)

Turbo Dogs is fast-paced, animated fun for preschoolers. Join this group of friendly canines who give it their all on the race track. The leader, Dash, and his female counterpart, Mags, help their friends learn all about racing, friendship, and sportsmanship. Cheer them on as they try to defeat their rival, Strut, who doesn't always play fair. There's always a celebration at the Dog-Gone Pizzeria, especially after a great race!

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Dash TV/Finders Keepers
13. Dash TV/Finders Keepers
May 4, 2011
Dash TV: Benny McBarkerton rolls into Racerville once again, and has a great idea: to shoot a television special based around Dash. Benny follows Dash everywhere, intruding into every moment of Dash's life - including racetime! When Dash tries to tell Benny that his scrutiny is overwhelming, Benny - who is so focused on and enthusiastic about the television special - just cuts him off with more interview questions and bossy direction. Dash learns to stand up for himself, and Benny realises that he had been domineering. Finders Keepers: Stinkbert finds a Mighty Teeny Weeny Jack roadside, and - despite having espied Ump using one earlier that day - wonders whose it is. Strut is flummoxed by Stinkbert's reaction: why try to find its owner - after all, "finders keepers!" Stinkbert spends many happy hours with the Mighty Teeny Weeny Jack, finding it useful in all situations! But when Strut "finds" the jack and won't give it back to Stinkbert, Stinkbert realises that "finders keepers" may not be the best way to deal with found items.
Canine Camera/Turbo Toothache
12. Canine Camera/Turbo Toothache
September 7, 2011
Canine Camera: The Turbo Dogs are excited about the Racerville Fun Photo Contest, and Stinkbert gleefully announces that he will enter a snapshot of Clutch inadvertently wearing a cat costume into the contest. Clutch is mortified, and secretly tries to steal the print before Stinkbert posts it. When Stinkbert notices Clutch acting strangely, Clutch confesses that the photo embarrasses him. Together, Stinkbert and Clutch retrieve the print, and Stinkbert takes a fantastic action shot of Clutch in the process. Turbo Toothache: GT has a terrible toothache, but refuses to go to a dentist because he is frightened. The other Turbo Dogs suggest ways to help ease the pain, and try to convince him to go see the dentist. Dash declares, "The only way to get over a fear is to face it - head-on!" But GT is still reluctant to see a dentist, and goes for a drive, where he happens upon Dr Denny whose jalopy has broken down at the side of the road. GT assists Dr Denny, with the jalopy - AND with Dr Denny's fear of driving fast, by taking him to the racetrack and coaching him. GT realises that he too, must face his fear head on - and serendipitously Dr Denny is a dentist dog!
Best Buds Forever/Alsatian Aces
11. Best Buds Forever/Alsatian Aces
May 11, 2011
Best Buds Forever: Rock Rally returns to Racerville, and everyone in town is abuzz with excitement - especially Dash, whom Rock enlists to help reacquaint himself with the Racerville Speedway. Dash is so bedazzled with his famous friend, that he bends over backwards to do anything Rock asks - while ignoring the other Turbo Dogs. When Rock basks in the limelight and abandons Dash to fix both Rock's and his own car, Dash realises that Rock was not being a good friend - and Dash hasn't been a good friend to the Turbo Dogs! Alsatian Aces: The Alsatian Aces, an ace all-female stunt driving team, roll into Racerville and the Turbo Dogs are excited to meet them. When Alicia, Aces team leader, invites Mags to practice and perform a stunt with them, Mags is delighted! But Dash fears that Mags will leave Racerville to join the Alsatian Aces - and worries himself and the other dogs. When Mags announces that she won't be joining the Aces, Dash realises that he shouldn't have jumped to conclusions.
Remote Out of Control/The Legend of the Spooky Buggy
10. Remote Out of Control/The Legend of the Spooky Buggy
November 3, 2010
Remote Out of Control: GT's granny sends him the coolest gift ever: a remote-controlled toy car. Everyone is excited about GT's new toy, but before they can play with it, they have to tune-up their cars in preparation for that afternoon's race. Strut finishes up quickly, spots the toy, and decides to take it out for a test drive - without asking GT's permission. Strut loses control of the toy and it races out of his sight. He's distraught over losing the toy - but just can't tell GT. Tune-ups completed, the Turbo Dogs are eager to play GT's new race car, but Strut distracts them so that they won't find out that he took it without permission and lost it. During the afternoon race, the remote-controlled car mysteriously shows up - on the racetrack no less, and wins the race! Strut confesses that he took the toy. GT explains that he's willing to share his toys, but Strut has to ask first. The Legend of the Spooky Buggy: GT is frightened when he sees a driver-less - and glowing - buggy at the racetrack, apparently moving of its own volition! When he tells the other dogs of his sighting, Strut jumps on the chance to tease GT - and tells GT of "The Legend of the Spooky Buggy." Strut takes the joke a step further, setting up a fake spooky buggy at the speedway. But when the same driver-less - and glowing - buggy makes another appearance at the track - Strut and GT, are terrified! Mags decides to get to the bottom of the situation, and convinces GT to get over his fear and investigate with her. He learns to overcome his fear, and they solve the mystery together.
GT's Got Game/Don't Make Me Laugh
9. GT's Got Game/Don't Make Me Laugh
January 12, 2011
GT's Got Game: GT thinks he doesn't play basketball very well - so he decides not to play the game at all. Meanwhile, the other Turbo Dogs are enthusiastically preparing for the upcoming 'three-dog on three-dog' basketball game. Dash and Mags invite GT to be on their team but he refuses. So Dash and Mags recruit Five instead. Dash chances upon GT a the clubhouse and notices that GT has an easy and natural grace as he moves through the garage. GT can throw a tire on a rim from three point range! During the big game, Five gets called away to deliver a pizza - Dash and Mags will have to forfeit. But GT steps in with his new-found self-confidence and shoots the game-winning basket! Don't Make Me Laugh: Stinkbert is awarded a prize; he gets to decide what sort of race the next bonus race will be. He settles on a silly race: involving various silly activities at stops along the race course. Strut is extremely reluctant to take part - after all, he doesn't want people to laugh at him! But by the end of the race, Strut learns to laugh at himself, and have fun!
Extreme Star Power/Mystery Racer
8. Extreme Star Power/Mystery Racer
January 5, 2011
Extreme Star Power: Benny McBarkerton arrives at the Racerville Speedway looking for drivers to feature on his Extreme Fur-bo Racing television show. Strut is desperate to be on television, and uses every dirty trick he can think of to foil the other Turbo Dogs - resulting in the other dogs pulling some amazing moves on the track, and every dirty trick backfiring on Strut! Strut doesn't even get to complete the course, and the dogs are sympathetic, insisting that the race be done over. Strut feels so terrible in the face of their loyalty that he confesses everything, and even ends up on television after all - on Benny's bloopers show. Mystery Racer: Ump announces that a racing legend is going to be visiting, and participating in the upcoming exhibition race. All the dogs are abuzz, wondering who the surprise guest will be. While the other dogs practice, Strut spends all his time skulking around town trying to gather clues about the mystery guest, so he can find out about the mystery guest's weaknesses. When the other dogs try to share driving tips from Marlene, Strut is completely dismissive. Indeed, he is positively gleeful when the mystery guest turns out to be Marlene, as he is completely dismissive of her! But during the exhibition race, he notices that the dogs' driving has improved a great deal, and when Marlene beats him in the race he realises that he still has a lot to learn.
Buddy, Can You Spare a Wrench?/Stuck in the Muck
7. Buddy, Can You Spare a Wrench?/Stuck in the Muck
December 29, 2010
Buddy, Can You Spare a Wrench?: Strut is overjoyed when he gets fancy new tires and tools - so much so that he becomes overly protective of all his belongings, and refuses to share any of his tools or gear. When one of Strut's wheels is damaged during a race, all the other dogs pitch in and help him out - and Strut learns about the importance of sharing. Stuck in the Muck: The Turbo Dogs are big fans of Benny McBarkerton's Real Dogs television show - and all are excited when Stinkbert is chosen to be featured - all, except for Strut, who is jealous. When Stinkbert has a flat tire, Strut leaves him to fare for himself - but promptly has some car trouble himself: he gets stuck in a mud puddle. The Turbo Dogs rush to his aid and get stuck in the muck too. When Stinkbert happens upon the mired dogs, he puts his friends first and chooses to help them - even though time is short and in helping them he could jeapordise his appearance on Real Dogs. Strut learns the meaning of friendship and generosity, and makes sure that Stinkbert gets to his television interview on time.
The Muffled Mess-Up/Return to Lender
6. The Muffled Mess-Up/Return to Lender
December 1, 2010
The Muffled Mess-Up: GT's muffler is VERY noisy, but he doesn't want to part with it - it was given to him by his grandpa. It makes so much noise that it interferes with the racing, and when it falls off during a race, it even creates a hazard! GT learns that changing the muffler doesn't mean that it, or his grandpa, is any less important. Return to Lender: Strut borrows tools and gear from GT, and reneges time and time again on his promises to return everything - causing GT to have to pull out of two races. When GT borrows gear from Strut, Strut realises the importance of returning borrowed items, and keeping your promises.
Ruffing It/All Systems No Go
5. Ruffing It/All Systems No Go
November 24, 2010
Ruffing It: Clutch pretends to be an expert camper, and feels so good about being admired by the other dogs that he doesn't tell them the truth: he's never been camping before. While on a camping trip, the dogs look to Clutch to guide them, but Clutch's lack of expertise results in a case of poison ivy and an encounter with a skunk - and that's just for starters! He finally comes clean and admits the truth - and is happily surprised that the dogs still admire him and value his friendship. All Systems No Go: Wrenchini is upgrading the GPS system and tells Strut not to touch the Red Button. Of course Strut can't resist, hits the button and doesn't tell anyone - at least, not until the GPS goes haywire during a race and Ump has to cancel it.
Goodnight GT/Turbo Teachers
4. Goodnight GT/Turbo Teachers
November 17, 2010
Goodnight GT: Dash and GT visit Auntie Ratchet for a sleepover, but GT can't sleep; he's homesick! Auntie Ratchet decides a moonlight race and a treat from home might just be the cure. Turbo Teachers: The pit crew dogs are all eager to learn to race, and the Turbo Dogs are happy to mentor them. Strut tutors Hubcap, an ingenuous pit dog, in dirty tricks, which just confuses the sweet-natured Hubcap. When Strut's tricks backfire, Strut realises that being on the receiving end of a dirty trick isn't very fun.
Game Over/The Little Car That Clunked
3. Game Over/The Little Car That Clunked
November 10, 2010
Game Over: Racerville is preparing for a parade and everyone is busy decorating their cars for the big event - everyone except Dash and GT that is. They've become so engrossed in a hand-held video game that they can't think of or do anything else, including their job of picking up the prize to be awarded to the best-decorated racing car. Dash and GT realise that although playing the game had been fun, they can't make playing the game their priorities. The Little Car That Clunked: GT's car needs some major repair work, and Wrenchini lends him a car while GT's own car is being fixed. The car is small and battered - cuteness seems to be the only thing the car has going for it! Even though Wrenchini assures GT that the car is a "winner" - GT doesn't believe him and complains about what a clunker it is. After hearing GT's complaints, Wrenchini realises that the speed limiter must be on and quickly turns it off. The little car roars with GT to the finish line, and wins the race! GT realises that he had judged the car without giving it a chance.
The Case of the Broken Trophy/The Dog's Got Talent
2. The Case of the Broken Trophy/The Dog's Got Talent
October 20, 2010
The Case of the Broken Trophy: Clutch accidentally breaks a trophy and tries to hide the truth from Officer Gruffer and the others by telling convoluted stories of how it was broken. When Officer Gruffer finally accuses Strut, Clutch's guilt gets the best of him and he confesses to breaking the trophy. Clutch learns that honesty is the best policy. The Dog's Got Talent: Racerville's Talent Show is coming up, and GT is in a panic; he doesn't think he's got any talent. Turns out, GT has a talent for fixing things, and puts his talent to use when he saves the show from falling apart.
Mags' Promise/You're Both Right
1. Mags' Promise/You're Both Right
October 6, 2010
Mags' Promise: Mags promises to show Dash and GT her latest driving trick, but when she's offered the last ticket to a Rita Russell concert, Mags breaks her promise and lies to her friends - planning to go to the concert instead. Meanwhile, Dash and GT are busy trying to obtain a ticket for Mags, as Rita Russell is her favourite singer! Mags learns the true meaning of friendship, and what is truly important to her. You're Both Right: Dash and Mags spot a great, but rough-around-the-edges, driver at the track - and are surprised to find out that it is Wheely, one of the pit crew dogs. They both decide to take Wheely under their wings to help him hone his driving talent. Wheely is excited, but then confused, as both of them offer contradictory advice. After trying to figure out a way to incorporate both their tips, Wheely realises that he has to find his own driving style.

Turbo Dogs is fast-paced, animated fun for preschoolers. Join this group of friendly canines who give it their all on the race track. The leader, Dash, and his female counterpart, Mags, help their friends learn all about racing, friendship, and sportsmanship. Cheer them on as they try to defeat their rival, Strut, who doesn't always play fair. There's always a celebration at the Dog-Gone Pizzeria, especially after a great race!

Turbo Dogs is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on October 3, 2008.

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Turbo Dogs is available for streaming on the CBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Turbo Dogs on demand at Amazon.

  • Premiere Date
    October 3, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (83)