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United States of America TV show is a Documentary that explores stories that shaped America. If you are interested about history this show is for you. If you are interested in learning funny stats that this show brings, this show is for you. The host of this show Randy, and Jason Sklar brings a show that not only teaches you about the history of America, but they also show you interesting, and funny stats. For Example, they compare the heights of actors playing British, and American soldiers from the Revolutionary war. I think this Documentary can be fun to watch, and experience what America is all about.

Tuesdays 10:00 pm EST on History Channel
1 Season, 6 Episodes
May 8, 2012
Family, History
Cast: Chuck Coleman, Ruben Garcia, Charles Guidry, Jason Sklar
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  • In the first season finale, the guys examine how much space is devoted to storage use in the U.S.

  • Presently the average American Male makes four times what we made a hundred years ago, and yet money has never been tighter. Take a look at who earns what, who's better off, how that's changed, and what buys us all?

  • Shocking to believe that today we are spending nine years and nine months of our lives on the sofa, five years on the Internet, and only three months of our lives having sex? This episode investigates our free time; where it goes and how to make more of it.

  • Featured in this episode is the change in America's average height and waistline.

  • The United States has 3.5 million square miles of territory with 99 percent of the people crowded into only 8 percent of the land! This episode looks at where we live and why.

  • Would you believe that deer are deadlier than snakes? It's true. Turns out deer are the deadliest animal in America. In this episode we look at what kills us and why and we're on the hunt for our number one killer. What is most likely to kill us? The answer is so surprising it just might kill you.

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