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The Upright Citizens Brigade is a sketch comedy show that brings together some of the most interesting people in comedy. You will see sketches that they have created, and you will see videos that they have produced between shows. The group offers a new take on sketch comedy that makes their show different from all other sketch comedy shows on television. You can sit down and laugh at the ridiculous situations they find themselves in, and you will see why they chose to call themselves the Upright Citizens Brigade.

Comedy Central
3 Seasons, 40 Episodes
August 19, 1998
Talk & Interview
Cast: Matt Walsh, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, Matt Besser, Del Close
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Upright Citizens Brigade Full Episode Guide

  • This is entirely done as a showing of the sport Thunderball, complete with announcers. In Thunderball, players are allowed to use bats as weapons, wild hounds and georgeous honeys roam the field to distract the players, there is a car that can be used to flatten opponents, and a circle inside of which is a fully loaded pistol that the players are forbidden to use. The match headlines two of its greats - Steve Youngblood of the Decatur Fist and Silky Slim of the New Salem Terrorists. Also includes a horseshoe toss which can either give or take existing cancer research money, a coach trying to inspire his team, and a mummy.

  • A quiet small town deals with earthquake parties, dolphin aliens, and Armageddon.

  • To resurrect a fallen agent, the Upright Citizens Brigade invades an orgy.

  • During a physics class, a born-again Christian challenges the professor to explain "spitty slurpy" and the moonwalk, but the professor is unable to give a adequate explaination.A frat boy is visited by his "Fairy Hockeyplayer," who forces him to chug beer so that he will brave enough to cheat on his girlfriend.In a liquor store, Santa promotes his new Santa Liquor. When a man refuses a sample, Santa follows him home with a laser pointer.When the Fundamentalists are winning during a Christian basketball match, the Crazy Christians bring out Perdu, possessed by a demon that has "improved his range and jumping ability." The frat boy is encouraged by his Fairy Hockeyplayer to hit on Perdu, who calls him a "two-timer" and fries him. The born-again Christian tries to confront the demon with the "glory of God": - but the demon explains spitty slurpy with simple physics.Santa stops shining the laser pointer in the man's face long enough to make Perdu drink some Santa Liquor, which exorci

  • When a man eating Chinese food won't swap him for a plate of salad, Simmons gives up his firstborn son for a single grain of white rice, smothered in a half-dollop of moo-shu sauce.His son grows up to be the Glendale Fitness Authority, in charge of an "anti-fatties" organization. During a roundup of fat people, the Fitness Authority's birth parents are lured out with promises of "free chocolate" - but Simmons is rescued by the Fat Underground before he can be sent to the work-out camps.When the Fitness Authority learns Simmons is his birth father, he attempts to understand why his father abandoned him by eating a muffin from the Happy Bakery, shaped like a father giving up his baby.Also featured is Moleman's ex-girlfriend, who is heartbroken when Moleman won't come to the surface to meet her parents.

  • The Upright Citizens Brigade unplugs the music industry with a satanic rock band, The Murderers, and a man who composes phone symphonies.

  • A sick husband shares a strange dying wish with his wife. Grim reapers complain about work in the hospital break room and the Head Resident, Big Red Cat, helps patients in the emergency room. A doctor holds a medical seminar to prove that his patient can use "the Force." A patient has trouble getting his diagnosis. A man earns extra money as a subcontractor for the coroner's office by performing autopsies in his apartment. Orange Drink and Toady visit the doctor on account of a stomach ache. People have problems with helper animals. Meanwhile, Orange Drink and Toady mix and drink some medicine and are suddenly able to see grim reapers everywhere, so they try to warn the rest of the hospital of their presence.

  • The Upright Citizens Brigade explores the seamy underworld of organized crime.

  • The Upright Citizens Brigade creates a documentary that finally reveals What is Supercool?

  • A TV Weatherman desperately tries to save Miami from a devastating hurricane.

  • The Upright Citizens Brigade puts a hooker in charge of a gourmet coffee shop.

  • The Upright Citizens Brigade discovers a modern day holy relic: The Spaghetti Jesus.

  • The Upright Citizens Brigade infests a theme restaurant with a swarm of mutated comedians from the Friars Club, and a teenager discovers he can beat his curfew by faking his own kidnapping.

  • A salon owner keeps rich women beautiful by slapping them across the face, and a man burns calories by pretending to flee from armed soldiers.

  • The Upright Citizens Brigade gathers human oddities, including a businessman with a baby head hand and a senior citizen desperately trying to mate with a dolphin.

  • The Upright Citizens Brigade fights the onslaught of throwing star culture and watches Mogomra the Giant Country Lobster battle the Evil Fart monster.

  • A sex-obsessed psychic tracks a buxom jewel thief, and two procrastinating bomb squad officers seize an illegal dildo bong.

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