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Vagrant Queen follows Elida from child queen to orphaned outcast, as she scavenges the treacherous corners of the galaxy, always one step ahead of the Republic government out to extinguish her bloodline. When her old friend Isaac shows up claiming her mother Xevelyn is still alive, they head off with their new ally, Amae, to stage a rescue that will take her back into the perilous heart of her former kingdom and up against a deadly foe from her childhood, Commander Lazaro.

1 Season, 10 Episodes
March 27, 2020
Action & Adventure, Science Fiction
Cast: Adriyan Rae, Tim Rozon, Alex McGregor, Paul du Toit
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Vagrant Queen Full Episode Guide

  • The team arrive on Arriopa to take down Lazaro. A face from the past unexpectedly returns.

  • Adrift in space, the team find themselves in the middle of a very strange murder mystery.

  • Elida leaves the team to take a scav job while Isaac and Amae battle hijackers on board a train.

  • The team must fix their ship while avoiding the dangers of Wix. Lazaro begins his ascent to power.

  • The team arrive on Wix to unexpected revelations; betrayal leads to a bloody showdown.

  • A stealth mission through the Republic border becomes a fight for survival as Lazaro closes in.

  • Elida deals with the life she left behind; Isaac and Amae find themselves in risky territory

  • The team is forced to stop for repairs, but the cannibals who reside there have other plans.

  • Former queen Elida is cornered by her nemesis, so an old friend comes to her aid, bringing big news.

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All Old Things Must Pass - Part 2 Clip (00:30) No Clue Clip (00:30) Requiem For Republic Clip (00:31)

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