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The television series known as Voltron Force is an engaging epic that follows an aspiring, but sometimes rather impulsive, young cadet named Daniel and his friends, Vince and Larmina, as they become stronger in their attempt to become high-class space pilots. Their quest is fueled by their undying interest in the robotic force known as Voltron. Voltron itself is a secret squad containing five members that were thought to have been broken up after the Sky Marshall's brigade corrupted their Mechanical Lions formerly used to defeat anyone who threatened the galaxy. Keith, Lance, Princess Alura, Pidge, and Hunk each show a unique set of skills used against the corrupt Sky Marshal Wade and recently revived evil ruler Lotor. Daniel and Vince are recruited by the underground Voltron alliance and thrown into a secret world they thought had ceased to exist. After meeting the crew, they meet up with a former pilot, Princess Alura, and her niece, Larmina. This trio would become the turning tide in the war, preventing Lotor's reign over the entire universe.

Voltron Force was created by World Events Productions, an American-based animation distributing company with the help of director John Dulaney. Dulaney personally sought out World Events Productions as soon as he got word that they were attempting to make a recreation of the 1980 series Voltron: Defenders of the Universe. They explained that reintroducing the pilots of the robotic sabers was what their show was all about. They wanted the modern youth of today to experience the crew and their heroic adventures on earth and in space.

Voltron Force was first aired in 2011 on Nickelodeon. The series contained twenty-eight episodes ending in a cliff hanger involving the main character, Daniel, and although a second series has been talked about, nothing has yet been confirmed. Each episode was approximately 23 minutes long, filling a 30-minute time slot.

Thursday 8:30 PM et/pt on NickToons
1 Season, 26 Episodes
June 16, 2011
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Giles Panton, Sam Vincent, Andrew Francis, Ashleigh Ball

Voltron Force Full Episode Guide

  • The Voltron Force returns to Planet Ariel and must survive challenges inside a series of dangerous mines that hold clues to the secret of Voltron's origin.

  • Lotor's brilliant but twisted scientist, Maahox, infiltrates the Voltron Force through a bizarre holographic pet who cadet Vince affectionately names "Gary."

  • Castle Doom becomes a huge Robeast and plans to annihilate the Galaxy Alliance.

  • The team simultaneously battle King Lotor and a Robeast who can merge with its rivals.

  • An army of cloned King Lotors try to dominate Arus and destroy Voltron.

  • While battling a plant-like Robeast, Allura is faced with a difficult decision - becoming Queen of Arus or remaining the Blue Lion Pilot.

  • The team journey through a spooky graveyard for spaceships after answering a distress call from the past.

  • Daniel becomes the ultimate defender when his consciousness is transferred into Voltron.

  • The team tries to prohibit Lotor's former soldiers from taking over the planet Dradin.

  • The Blue Lion is stolen by an ex-pilot who's attempting to rescue his son.

  • Green Lion pilot Pidge's home planet of Balto has been taken over by Lotor, who is turning its inhabitants into mindless "ninja-zombies."

  • The new cadets go for a pizza run on Earth and encounter a Voltron-obsessed fan with sinister intentions.

  • Following Wade's defeat, cadet Larmina plans a universe victory concert unaware that Lotor's spies have infiltrated the celebration.

  • On their journey to Earth to finish the fight with Wade for good, the Voltron Force are hijacked by Wade's secret weapon allowing him to take control of Voltron!

  • Blue Lion pilot Princess Allura is caught in Sky Marshal Wade's blockade of the Planet Ebb and forced to fight in a combat arena.

  • The Voltron Force takes on the hardest challenge they've faced, Lotor's five predator enemies who have the ability to form one super Predator Robeast.

  • When Daniel surprises Commander Keith on his secret mission, Keith must attempt a prison-break from the invisible cloaked vessel known as The Void in an effort to save their lives.

  • As new cadet Vince seeks to prove his worth to the team, he finds himself trapped on a sinking shipping vessel filled with Haggarium on a planet with a bottomless ocean.

  • A mysterious Robeast challenges the Voltron Force.

  • Responding to a distress call, the Voltron Force journeys to planet Ariel to defend a race of lion-riding warriors from Sky Marshal Wade.

  • Yellow Lion pilot Hunk takes the cadets to his secret junkyard where they are attacked by Haggarium-infected robots.

  • The cadets are captured while taking the Robot Lions on a joyride to Planet Doom, giving a newly powered King Lotor the opportunity to attack.

  • Voltron Force, reunited and faced with two powerful enemies, must combine to form Voltron. Is the team ready to take on the duel-threat of King Lotor's Robeast and Sky Marshal Wade's war machine?

  • Daniel and Vince meet fellow cadet Larmina. After the cadets are given their Voltcoms, they help the Voltron Force retrieve their Robot Lions so they can battle King Lotor's massive Robeast.

  • Two Galaxy Alliance Academy cadets, Daniel and Vince, are recruited into a secret resistance group known as the Voltron Force.

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