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  • 2017
  • 1 Season
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Wild Argentina is a breathtaking Nat Geo Wild series that takes viewers on a fascinating journey through Argentina's diverse landscapes and cultures. The seven-part series showcases the country's incredible natural beauty, wildlife, and people, taking us from the high Andes to the vast wetlands of the Ibera, from the windswept Patagonian steppe to the subtropical jungle of the northeast.

The first episode, "Andes to Amazon," explores the towering peaks and otherworldly landscapes of the high Andes and the diversity of life that thrives in its harsh conditions. Viewers meet a host of unique creatures, such as the vicuna, a relative of the alpaca prized for its wool, and the Andean condor, one of the world's largest flying birds. The episode also delves into the cultural traditions of the indigenous people who call this rugged landscape home.

The second episode, "Pampas and Patagonia," takes us to the grassy plains of the Pampas and the rugged Patagonian wilderness. Here, we encounter some of Argentina's iconic wildlife, including guanacos, rheas, and the elusive puma. We also meet the gauchos, skilled horsemen who raise cattle on the vast cattle ranches known as estancias.

In episode three, "Coast and Ocean," we explore the country's extensive coastline, from the subtropical waters of the northeast to the stormy Atlantic waters of Patagonia. Viewers get an up-close look at the marine creatures that call these waters home, including southern right whales, sea lions, and penguins.

The fourth episode, "Jungle and Wetlands," takes us to the lush subtropical forests of the northeast and the vast wetlands of the Ibera, home to some of South America's most iconic species, such as the jaguar and the giant anteater. We also learn about the conservation efforts underway to protect these unique habitats.

In "Deserts and Canyons," episode five, we explore the arid, otherworldly landscapes of the northwest, including the dramatic canyons of the Quebrada de Humahuaca and the high-altitude deserts of the Puna. Here, we meet the creatures that have adapted to survive in these harsh environments, such as the vicuna, the Andean flamingo, and the giant cactus.

The penultimate episode, "Islands and Mountains," takes us to the southernmost tip of the continent, where we explore the rugged mountains and windswept islands of Patagonia. We meet hardy locals who make their living from the sea and the land, and encounter some of the unique wildlife that has adapted to survive in these remote and challenging habitats, such as the southern right whale and the Magellanic penguin.

Finally, in "Cities and People," we delve into Argentina's rich and diverse cultural traditions, from the music and dance of Buenos Aires to the indigenous communities of the northwest. We meet the people who call this vibrant country home, getting a glimpse into their daily lives and the challenges they face.

Throughout the series, stunning cinematography and expert narration provide an immersive and engaging look at Argentina's incredible landscapes and diverse wildlife. The show also sheds light on the country's rich cultural heritage and the ongoing efforts to protect and conserve its natural wonders. Fans of nature documentaries and travel shows are sure to be captivated by this fascinating and awe-inspiring series.

Wild Argentina
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