Wild Argentina

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Few countries in South America boast have such contrast and variety. Diverse habitats such as Patagonia's bleak steppe, soaring Andean snowcaps, vast salt pans, lush rainforest around Iguazu Falls, steamy marshlands of Ibera, and grasslands of the Pampas support an astonishing range of wildlife - from penguins, whales and seals to condors, armadillos and guanacos.

Nat Geo Wild
1 Season, 3 Episodes
June 4, 2017
Documentary & Biography
Wild Argentina

Wild Argentina Full Episode Guide

  • Argentina's northern territory contains the Ibera reserve, a vast expanse of swamps and lagoons with a biodiversity count to rival the Pantanal.

  • Stretching over 1,500 kilometres, Patagonia's coast is home to some of the natural world's most spectacular animals.

  • Animals living at the mercy of the Andean mountains, whose peaks dictate a hard existence for every living creature.