Wildest Latin America

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Wildest Latin America is a documentary television series that debuted in 2012. The show is hosted by Paul McGann. Wildest Latin America documents the natural world that is all across Central and South America, ranging from the Amazon Rain forest to the Andes Mountains. The series also discusses the vast diversity of animal species in each episode and how they are able to adapt and survive in the environments that they are found in. Also discussed are how native cultures have lived in these areas and continue to adapt and survive there.

Animal Planet
1 Season, 5 Episodes
November 26, 2012
Nature, Documentary & Biography
Cast: Paul McGann

Wildest Latin America Full Episode Guide

  • The longest mountain chain in the world, the Andes run the length of South America and host an assortment of indigenous people and colorful wildlife.

  • Each year, the Pantanal wetlands are drowned by floods, then parched by drought, making it a host for some of the world's most fascinating wildlife.

  • Journey along the Orinoco, the Venezuelan river that explorers believed would lead them to El Dorado, a legendary city of gold.

  • Covering vast swaths of Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is a land of extremes: ice fields, snow-capped mountains, windswept deserts and violent oceans.

  • From the tree tops to the forest floor, the Amazon is the richest ecosystem on Earth, a powerhouse of evolution that's home to a third of all species.