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In this animated series, battler Yuya Sakaki tries to harness the power of smiling in order to overcome obstacles. A momentous duel, however, teaches him a new way of looking at things that could open up a new possibilities for him. In Paradise City's You Show Duel School, a second-year middle school student named Yuya Sakaki aspires to become a professional Dueltainer. Yuya awakens a new power called Pendulum Summoning, which attracted attention of the Leo Corporation's president, Declan Akaba. Yuya later meets three Duelists who greatly resemble him: The collected Xyz duelist Yuto whom he unknowingly absorbed, the overconfident Synchro duelist Yugo, and the sadistic Fusion duelist Yuri. These look-alikes originate from other dimensions besides Yuya's Standard Dimension as he and his friends find themselves in the middle of an interdimensional conflict against the Fusion Dimension's Duel Academy, which Yuri attends. Duel Academy is led by Declan's estranged father, Leo Akaba, who seeks to unite the four dimensions. Declan formed a group of elite duelists called the Lancers to stop his father, while they build their numbers during their travels to the Synchro and Xyz Dimensions.

Yu-Gi-Oh ! Arc-V is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (245 episodes). The series first aired on April 6, 2014.

Where do I stream Yu-Gi-Oh ! Arc-V online? Yu-Gi-Oh ! Arc-V is available for streaming on TV Tokyo, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Yu-Gi-Oh ! Arc-V on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Hoopla, Apple TV, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

Sunday 5:30 PM et/pt on TV Tokyo
3 Seasons, 245 Episodes
April 6, 2014
Action & Adventure Animation & Cartoon
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Yu-Gi-Oh ! Arc-V Full Episode Guide

  • It's all on the line for Yuya in the final episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V!

  • In what could be their final performance, Yuya takes on Declan in a duel that will determine the fate of the world!

  • Jack Atlas kicks things into overdrive for one last duel against Yuya! Can Yuya dueltain his way to the winner's circle or will the Master of Faster leave Yuya spinning his wheels?

  • Shay blames Yuya for both Lulu's disappearance and Z-ARC's dimensional destruction, and now it's payback time!

  • Yuya transports to the Xyz Dimension and squares off against a surprise duelist from his past!

  • Yuya learns that in order to save the world, all he has to do is make Riley smile! Easy to do - if Riley hadn't sealed away Z-ARC's evil essence!

  • As Yuya's memories slowly come back to him, his life points zip toward zero as he tries to dueltain his way around a two-on-one battle!

  • Yuya's having a serious case of dej√† duel when he enters a tournament that feels freakishly familiar!

  • Can Declan and Leo work out their long-simmering differences to defeat Z-ARC?

  • With Z-ARC defeating all their friends, it's up to Sylvio and Crow to form the last line of defense!

  • Jack and Gong must kick things into overdrive if they want to steer Z-ARC to a dead end!

  • Kite and Shay team up to take Z-ARC down, but will Z-ARC's fury be too much for these two to fend off?

  • Z-ARC has resurrected! Can anyone stop his relentless onslaught?

  • As Z-ARC's grip over Yuya tightens, Yuya struggles to find a way to defeat Yuri!

  • Yuya begins to unravel as he wrestles with Z-ARC's power!

  • Yuri has one final trick up his sleeve to make Yusho disappear for good!

  • It's curtains for Yusho unless he can put on the show of the century and stop Yuri!

  • Declan and Riley stop seeing eye-to-eye and start going toe-to-toe!

  • Yugo's friends show up to save him, but they realize it's them that needs saving from Yugo!

  • Leo wants to join the four dimensions into one, so Declan and Yuya join forces to stop him!

  • The Professor is determined to defeat Yuya - but will beating Yuya actually be good for the fate of mankind?

  • The Professor details the horrors of the most dangerous and destructive duelist to ever exist, Z-ARC!

  • Celina and Lulu corner Yuya and force him to duel in a bugged-out battle royal.

  • Lulu's been brainwashed, and it's up to Yuya to figure out how to put her mind-controlling pest to rest!

  • It's a battle between good and evil when Alexis goes head-to-head with Duel Academy's most dangerous duelist - Yuri!

  • BB's wild side takes its toll on Yuya leaving BB on the verge of victory!

  • Yuya faces his toughest challenge yet against the brutal and barabaric savage - BB!

  • It's a battle between brother and sister when Lulu launches a surprise attack on Shay! Can these siblings work things out, or will this family feud tear them apart forever?

  • Yuya and the gang are forced to battle against Duel Academy's most dangerous duelists in a Survival Duel!

  • Kite and Yugo storm Duel Academy to free Rin and Lulu, but when they run into two guardians, their rescues go awry!

  • Yuya and the gang have been shanghaied by a corrupt captain working for The Professor!

  • It's a high-stakes duel on the high seas when Dennis and Kite clash on a cruise ship!

  • A duelist from the past has crossed dimensions to settle an old score with Yuya!

  • Aster Phoenix and the Tyler twins switch sides and join Team Yuya! But will this be enough to defeat The Professor's mighty army?

  • Is Yuya destined for defeat or can he twist and turn his way free from Aster's onslaught?

  • Yuya has a date with destiny when he comes face-to-face with Aster Phoenix!

  • Yuya and his pals are ambushed by Obelisk Force and their dogs of doom!

  • Yuya and Shay face a double dose of danger when they take on the Professor's go-to goonettes - the Tyler twins!

  • Duel Academy's twins of terror arrive to destroy the Lancers!

  • The secret behind Yuya's dad's disappearance is finally revealed!

  • Old friends become new enemies when Shay and Kite collide!

  • Yuya stumbles across one of Duel Academy's most dangerous duelists... and his dad's #1 enemy!

  • Yuya and his pals cross paths with a mysterious duelist who's got his eyes set on destroying every enemy in the galaxy!

  • Yuya's been transported to a strange new world that's been decimated by Duel Academy!

  • The Friendship Cup may be over, but trouble sure isn't! Roget is planning to take Zuzu to Duel Academy!

  • With the City on the edge of their seats, a new champion is about to be crowned! But who will sit in the winner's circle: Yuya or Jack?

  • Jack pushes Yuya to his limits in the Friendship Cup finale! Does Yuya have the dueltaining skills to dethrone the Master of Faster, or will Jack's rule reign supreme?

  • The Friendship Cup finale is finally here! Jack and Yuya square off to see who will become New Domino City's newest champion!

  • Roget declares himself leader of New Domino City! Can the Lancers overthrow this madman, or will Roget's Sector Security end any chances they have?

  • Can Jack Atlas best Sergey, when Sergey combines the best of man and machine?

  • It's Jack's most dangerous duel ever as he takes on Roget's maniacal minion - Sergey!

  • Yuya's battle with Barrett comes to a shocking conclusion when a mind-controlled madman drops into their duel!

  • Barrett has chained up Yuya and his monsters! Can Yuya break his shackles before Barrett breaks away with Celina?

  • Barrett has returned to snatch Celina back to Duel Academy unless the Lancers can stop him!

  • Obelisk Force has invaded New Domino City to capture Zuzu and Celina! Can Yuya and his friends stop this unstoppable force?

  • Crow gets a crash course on double crossing when Yuya pulls a U-turn on their friendship!

  • Yuya's battle with Crow takes a turn for the worse when Roget takes control of Yuya's mind!

  • Furious over Celina's failure at the Friendship Cup, Roget sends a squad of Sector Security to seize her.

  • Yugo's in for a bumpy ride as he's forced to zigzag his way across a duel track that's been mapped for mayhem by Roget!

  • The Friendship Cup heats up as Yugo and Celina tear through the tricky twists and turns of a transforming duel track!

  • Zuzu's on the run from Sector Security, but can a little help from some little friends help her avoid big trouble?

  • Shay and Crow's winged warriors fight, claw and flap towards the finale...until an unexpected guest decides to join their duel!

  • Crow and Shay soar down the track in a high-flying battle where the loser will crash land into the underground!

  • Yuya's newest ally is Roget; questions are raised that plunge Yuya's reputation into a freefall.

  • Shinji's Battlewasps are stinging Yuya to submission! But does Yuya have one last card that will tip the scales in his favor?

  • Zuzu's been hurt, but Yuya can't race to her rescue until he defeats Shinji first!

  • Zuzu goes deck-to-deck against Sergey - an ex-con who's looking to X out the competition!

  • Yuya and Roget reflect on their pasts to make plans for the future!

  • After finding out that Dennis is from the Fusion Dimension, Shay sets his sights on getting revenge!

  • Shay's duel with Dennis turns into a battle of wits when he tries to force Dennis to reveal his dark secret

  • An escapee from the underground brings word to Yuya on how to take control of the Friendship Cup!

  • Sylvio finally takes center stage at the Friendship Cup, but will he crash and burn under the spotlight?

  • Officer 227 is in hot pursuit to take Yuya down - all the way down to the underground! Can Yuya outrun the long arm of the law, or does 227 have his number?

  • As the Friendship Cup picks up the pace, Jack Atlas takes a timeout to reveal the secrets of his past!

  • Yuya's friends are forced to face off in a duel where the loser is banished forever! No matter who wins, Yuya loses!

  • For Shinji to inspire the Commons to stand up to the Topsiders, he must first take down Moon Shadow! Can Shinji's monsters swarm together and deliver the sting of defeat, or will Moon Shadow's ninjas silence all the buzz?

  • Riley's been chosen to Turbo Duel Shinji, but the battle hits a speedbump when Yuya steps in to stop the duel and keep his pint-sized pal in one piece!

  • The first duel of the Friendship Cup has the green light as Crow and Gong put the pedal to the metal!

  • With the Friendship Cup about to kick off, Yuya learns about tournament champion Jack's rise to the Tops!

  • The opening ceremonies of the Friendship Cup kick into overdrive as Yuya squares off against the Master of Faster - Jack Atlas!

  • When Yuya and his pals try to flee The Facility, their big breakout takes a terrible turn when their escape route leads them straight into the security guards!

  • Yuya is determined to do the impossible and escape from The Facility, but when friends become foes his plan to break out, breaks down!

  • With his deck on the line, Yuya looks to rock the cell block and KO the Kingpin!

  • Yuya learns the ins and outs of The Facility the hard way by coming face-to-face with the toughest and most dangerous duelist in the cell block: the Kingpin!

  • The battle between Dashin' Dennis and Sweet Baby Shay hits a speedbump when Sector Security pulls the plug on their Turbo Duel!

  • Dennis and Gong are in for the ride of their lives when they're introduced to the turbo-charged world of underground motorcycle dueling!

  • It's a superheroic showdown in the Synchro Dimension pitting Super Gong against his arch-nemesis, Dennis the Destroyer!

  • When Yuya and his pals arrive in the Synchro Dimension, Sector Security is waiting for them with open arms... and cuffs! Can Yuya smooth things out before Sylvio and Celina put a wrinkle in his plan?

  • Zuzu and Yugo redline their Duel Runner in a high-stakes Turbo Duel with Sector Security! Can they outrun the long arm of the law, or will Security put the brakes on their escape?

  • As Zuzu and Yugo try to unravel the riddle of Yuya's dimensional doubles, their sleuthing is cut short by Sector Security!

  • The battle between Yuya and his mom kicks into high gear! Can Yuya avoid being grounded, or will Loco Yoko put the pedal to the metal and throttle her way to victory?

  • It's a family feud when Yuya takes on his mom in a duel where there's more to lose than just his allowance! Can Yuya avoid being run down by Paradise City's most feared motorcycle momma?

  • Yuya's battle with Declan takes a turn for the worse when Declan's majestic monsters give Yuya the royal treatment!

  • When Yuya discovers Declan's web of lies put his friends in danger, he challenges Declan to a battle as payback!