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  • 2002
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (354)

Yukikaze is an anime television series from AT-X that aired in 2002. It is based on a novel written by Chohei Kambayashi. This series takes place during the year 2014. A new enemy is encountered that is known as the JAM (an unknown life form) and humankind has been battling against them for over thirty years now. The JAM have appeared on multiple planets and have caused devastating destruction. Scientists initially tried to communicate with them, but their efforts were fruitless, leading to the development of unmanned fighter aircraft. The plot revolves around the main character Rei Fukai, who is a skilled fighter pilot that is tasked with piloting the highly advanced fighter jet known as the FAF(Fighter Airframe) IS. His mission is to protect the earth from the JAM by participating in various missions and battling them in the sky.

The main character Rei is a pilot for the United Nations Air Force Special Air Force (UNAFSA) and is a member of the elite Special Air Force Air Force Fighter Cooperation Area 914 (SAC914). He is known for his calm temperament and excellent piloting skills which have been proven time and again in different battles. He’s the only one who can pilot the advanced fighter jet known as the FAF IS, which is an incredibly advanced aircraft with advanced weaponry and high maneuverability making it the only aircraft able to keep up with the JAM.

The storyline is a combination of fighter pilot missions and the underlying story of the relationship between Rei and his AI co-pilot, Yukikaze, who is the tactical AI built into the FAF IS. Their relationship is unique since Yukikaze is an AI with which Rei has developed a special bond with after many years of flying together. The AI is an essential part of the war, and their trust and mutual support have played a crucial role in UNAFSA's victories against JAM. Watching their relationship develop throughout the series adds an emotional level to the plot that enhances the action.

The animation is top-notch, with great visual effects and stunning aerial combat scenes that make you feel like you are in the cockpit of the fighter planes. The character's designs are unique and memorable, and the background music complements the action scenes perfectly.

The episodes throughout the series have a sense of continuity, with similar objectives that become progressively more complicated as the series continues. The series develops into a compelling exploration of sacrifice and the consequences of extreme measures to achieve the goal of defeating the JAM. The series delves into some deep questions about the morality of war and the costs of using unmanned technology in combat. As the story progresses, the series becomes darker, and it gives the viewer a sense of unease. The series‘ plot is intriguing, and it keeps the viewer engaged throughout. The show has a good mix of action, intrigue, and intriguing drama.

This anime kept me on edge the whole time, with an exceptional balance of action and drama. It realistically portrays the military environment and the struggles they face against the JAM. The battles are intense and keep the viewer engaged in ways that make the series feel like it could be real. It features a large cast of characters that are well developed, and have a variety of personalities that are engaging. Each episode left me wanting more, as they would end on cliffhangers, making me on edge for the next episode.

In conclusion, Yukikaze is a classic anime series from 2002 that tells a compelling story of humanity's fight against an unknown life-form that continuously threatens to destroy it. The characters, action, and drama within the story make it a must-watch for those interested in military anime. The animation and art style are beautiful and well done, the action very well portrayed and the emotional weight of sacrifices and losses is impactful. It’s a fantastic anime that builds slowly and reveals its secrets at a gradual pace. Even though it was released nearly two decades ago, it still holds up today as an incredible anime experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a thrilling, emotional ride.

Yukikaze is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (5 episodes). The series first aired on August 25, 2002.

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Operation 5
5. Operation 5
April 30, 2004
It’s time for pest control. As the end draws near, the SAF go about exterminating all the JAM Human Clones. However, there way back home is blocked by the entire JAM fleet. Can they find the strenght needed to push thru and make it home, or will sacrifices be made?
Operation: 4
4. Operation: 4
April 23, 2004
Rei and James head to Earth for a field test of an engine model, but are interrupted by 3 JAM planes that followed them. Seeing the ineptness of the Japanese Navy, Rei and James must deal with them. While meeting with the navy officials, they meet the writer Lynn Jackson. Their return trip is interrupted as well...but by whom?
Operation: 3
3. Operation: 3
August 22, 2003
The flying fortess Banshee has been taken over by the JAM. Rei is sent to investigate and try to regain control, but it may prove to be too much for him to handle.
Operation: 2
2. Operation: 2
February 25, 2003
James and an injured Rei watch as the rebuilt Yukikaze takes off for a test run. James informs the general about the successful test flight of the new Yukikaze, but at the same time the entire control tower team seems to be dissapointed in Rei's previous actions. Elsewhere a dog fight with the Jam is taking place. The auto-piloted Yukikaze destroys the Jam fighter. Unknowingly, Rei is controlling Yukikaze with his mind. He sub-consciously makes Yukikaze attack the landing field back at the base. Later that night, James and the general discuss how Rei doesn't remember a thing and thought it was just a bad dream. They also discuss how Yukikaze could possibly be linked with him like this. Later Rei meets with a doctor who is against him ever piloting Yukikaze again.. Enraged Rei walks out on her. The next day James goes over the improvements made on Yukikaze with Rei. He informs Rei on his mission for the next day. A team goes out the next morning with Rei piloting the Yukikaze, his co-pi
Operation: 1
1. Operation: 1
August 25, 2002
The story begins with footage of the 30 year war, and all the hardships mankind has had with the alien prescense known as "the Jam". We are now shown a group of jets engaging the Jam in a ariel battle. Enter Rei Fukai, a young pilot who gets the honor of flying Yukikaze. On their way back to base, Rei and his co-pilot encounter another jet fighter, it appears to be one of their own, but Yukikaze gives the order that it's an enemy. Rei shoots it down. Upon his arrival, he is scolded by his superior, and friend, James. He is brought before the commanding officiers and he explains to them how Yukikaze recvealed it to be a Jam. On their way home, James tries to comfort Rei. The next day James takes Rei out for a little relaxation. He tells him stories about how far along Rei has come. Rei seems to be a little cheered up now. The next morning James discusses Yukikaze with his general, Lynn. Later that day Rei and his co-pilot are sent off on a mission. They are attacked by the Jam, but are
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Yukikaze is available for streaming on the AT-X website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Yukikaze on demand at and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    August 25, 2002
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (354)