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60 Minutes is a weekly news program that has aired on American television since 1968. Its success has resulted in multiple international spin offs, although the American edition remains the most well-known. It is generally considered to be high-quality and balanced reporting, for which it has garnered multiple Emmy and Peabody Awards. A wide variety of respected media figures have been involved with the show over the years, including Dan Rather, Mike Wallace, Sanjay Gupta, and Anderson Cooper. 60 Minutes is known for its employment of investigative journalism, which blends independent investigation with the examination of investigations started by other media outlets and organizations. This tactic has frequently resulted in the coverage of controversial topics, such as police brutality and racism in the United States. Each episode typically focuses on three stories. These range in content, although recurring themes include politics, technology, justice, corporate investigation, and character profiles. 60 Minutes additionally featured a closing commentary from Andy Rooney, in which he would ruminate on a given topic in a cynical and humorous manner. The segment ran from 1978 until Rooney's death in October, 2011.

Despite the general acclaim awarded to the program, it has occasionally been on the receiving end of negative controversy. Two particularly notable incidents occurred in 1997 and 2000. The first was an investigation into drug smuggling that provided unfounded evidence accusing the US Customs Agency of being actively involved in promoting drug smuggling across southern borders. 60 Minutes later retracted the accusations. In 2000, the program interviewed Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, and allowed him free reign to criticize the government of the United States in an attempt to justify his actions. Following the story, media access to in-person interviews with death row inmates was prohibited. Despite incidents such as these, the overall quality of 60 Minutes remains high, and the show is a well-respected fixture of American news. 60 Minutes airs on Sunday nights at 7 pm Eastern Time.

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60 Minutes Full Episode Guide

  • Lara Logan reports child suicide bombers in Afghanistan and Pakistan; Scott Pelley reports on the building of a national museum dedicated to African-American history and culture; Steve Kroft reports on why America's roads, bridges, airports and rail are outdated and need to be fixed.

  • Jack Barsky held a job at some of the top corporations in the U.S. and lived a seemingly normal life -- all while spying for the Soviet Union; then, ballet has lifted Misty Copeland from poverty, over assumptions about race and through injury. But she wants it to take her higher

  • Anderson Cooper interviews undercover informant Michael Blutrich, one of the most effective informants ever, according to authorities; then, with over 50 percent of our nation lying underwater, huge discoveries await, says explorer Robert Ballard; and, Sharyn Alfonsi profiles Greg Glassman, creator of the CrossFit workout.

  • Scott Pelley explores the effects of war on children; then, Morley Safer profiles “patriotic philanthropist” David Rubenstein; and, Steve Kroft finishes the late Bob Simon’s report about the Scottish island of Islay.

60 Minutes News

CBS Confirms Death Of '60 Minutes' Anchor Mike Wallace

With a career spanning more than 60 years in tow, veteran CBS anchor Mike Wallace has died, CBS News reports. He was 93. Wallace died surrounded by loved ones at Waveny Care Center in New Canaan, CT, where he'd spent much of his last several years, around 8 PM on April 7, as reported April 8 on "CBS Sunday Morning". Though he by all indications passed away from natural causes, Wallace had admittedly spent years of his life combatting depression and even revealed in an interview with Morley Safer a past survived suicide attempt.

Watch '60 Minutes' Pay Tribute to Andy Rooney

Legendary "60 Minutes" commentator Andy Rooney, who preferred to be referred to as a writer rather than a journalist, died this weekend at the age of 92, just weeks after announcing his retirement from his long-running weekly segment on the show. According to CBS, Rooney was in the hospital for minor surgery for an unspecified condition when he developed “serious complications," which ultimately led to his death. Sunday night, CBS released a tribute to the notoriously grumpy video essayist, based largely on footage gathered during a final interview with his friend and colleague Morley Safer, and clips from the long career he made of complaining about the more annoying aspects of American life, and frankly whatever the hell else he felt like complaining about.

RIP Andy Rooney: '60 Minutes' Commentator Dead at 92

When CBS News announced in September that Andy Rooney would be retiring from his duties as a regular commentator and essayist on "60 Minutes" at the age of 92, it was the end of an era. Rooney practically defined the word "cantankerous" as the television news world's quintessential grumpy old man, and today, just a few weeks after he begrudgingly stopped doing his weekly segments, he has died. According to CBS, Rooney was in the hospital for minor surgery for an unspecified condition when he developed “serious complications," which ultimately led to his death.

Hell Freezes Over: Andy Rooney Finally Retires from '60 Minutes'

The man who has practically defined the word "cantankerous" as the television news world's quintessential grumpy old man is finally calling it quits. CBS News announced today that Andy Rooney will be retiring from his duties as a regular commentator and essayist on "60 Minutes" this week at the age of 92. According to the network, Rooney will announce his retirement during his usual closing segment of next Sunday's airing of the news program after a special segment on his career.

Lance Armstrong: 'Say You're Sorry!' '60 Minutes': 'No'

CBS' news hour program "60 Minutes" has gotten on the bad side of cyclist Lance Armstrong, and it doesn't look like they care, either. A few weeks ago, "60 Minutes" aired an investigative story about Armstrong's alleged history of doping. Among the claims made by the story was that new evidence points to Armstrong having used illegal performance-enhancing substances during the Tour de Suisse in 2001. Armstrong was having none of it. The cyclist has, in the past, come after people who accuse him of doping fairly aggressively, and this was no exception: Armstrong and his lawyers attempted to convince "60 Minutes" not to air the story at all (yeah, right), and when the CBS show did it anyway, Armstrong demanded an apology.

'The Social Network' Got Basic Aspects Wrong Says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg

Mark Zuckerburg, CEO and founder of the social network giant Facebook explicitly said that there are basic things “The Social Network” movie got wrong about him and the evolution of his company during an interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 minutes. According to Zuckerburg, it is not true that his whole motivation in creating Facebook was to get girls. The 26- year old billionaire was talking about the scene in the movie suggesting that he came up with the idea of creating facebook while on the verge of being dumped by his girlfriend.

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark - A Broadway Success or Not?

Many are wondering if the producers of the $65 million Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark musical will be able to recover their investments to the most expensive show ever produced in Broadway history after the numerous technical problems it countered during the Sunday night preview at Foxwoods Theater. The talk of the Broadway after the preview was the technical difficulties when Spider-Man was stuck hanging 10 feet above the audience, crew members took a while to fix the problem. The technical problems were too obvious and the show stopped five times and run over three hours.

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