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There are a number of jobs that people perform everyday that, while we may be curious about, we don't know that much about those professions and we are curious to learn about them. Haven't you ever wondered about what a day in the life would be like for people in professions such as tow truck drivers, repossession agents, process servers, bounty hunters, code enforcement professionals and even meter maids. Well All Worked Up gives the public the chance to learn about these types of jobs and the people who do them.

Careers such as the above mentioned ones have generally been considered to be undesirable jobs because of the negative stigmas associated with these types of industries. However, one aspect that helps in gaining a better understanding into these types of occupations and the people who do them is that you have the opportunity to observe, not only the individuals performing the job, but you also get a personal glimpse into these individuals, one example of this would be on of the repossession agents; Bobby Brantley. Bobby appears to be a very rough and rugged individual who doesn't mind a good fight, however, in several episodes it's easy to see how soft hearted Bobby is when it comes to animals who get mixed up in the repossessions and how he goes above and beyond to see to their comforts.

Aside from getting a closer glimpse into the lives of these individuals you also get a better understanding of how these positions work and why they prove necessary in today's world and economy. Watching these individuals offers a give and take view into the need for these positions. While it may well be frustrating to the individual who is facing repossession due to unfortunate circumstances, it also offers the other side of the coin of those individuals who simply neglect their obligations and debts. Individuals, such as those featured on the show, help to make it possible for those who genuinely need a second chance to get it. This is what makes the show so great.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on truTV
4 Seasons, 44 Episodes - Canceled
October 19, 2009
Documentary & Biography
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  • Repo man Ron gets in a tug-o-war over a minivan. Plus, process server Byran ambushes a movie screenwriter who has stolen her friend's script and then serves up a slice of justice at a bakery.

  • Repo man Ron tussles with a very big man over a vehicle, process server Byran confronts a cheating construction worker with divorce papers, and security guard Ronnie has to protect some female wrestlers from drunk fans.

  • Repo Man Ron confronts a man whose pimped-out show truck is up for repo, Process Server Byran has to serve papers to the worst boss ever and finally, Ronnie the Lucha Libre wrestling security guard.

  • Repo man confronts a scrappy woman.

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