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Series Length:1 Season, 11 Episodes
Network: VH1

Do smart models exist, or does a life devoted to getting by on one's looks make a person stupid? VH1 attempts to answer this burning question by casting a wide net in search of "America's Most Smartest Model". The winner will be awarded $100,000 for an eye-pleasing appearance and intelligence.

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Status: Canceled/Ended
Genre: Reality
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11 Hulu Episodes
  • The remaining two contestants have been bitter rivals, and now they will stop at nothing to win it all. But, when all is said and done only one member can bring home the $100,000 grand prize and the title of America's Most Smartest Model.

  • It's the final showdown and only 3 models are left. The group travels to sunny Palm Springs to compete in a supersized modeling challenge. Only two survive this best of the best challenge and move on to the finals.

  • One contestant will be left on their own in a go cart building challenge when all are paired up. Meanwhile, another model makes a phone call to get a head start on the next challenge, being a spokes model for the Jaguar XKR. Who will be sent packing and who will be voted into the finals?

  • Six models must think on their feet in a treadmill challenge to win a changing room with a view of the runway. Later, the models navigate an obstacle course -- but will a budding romance get in the way?

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