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The A.N.T. Farm is a comedy on the Disney Channel centered on a group of child prodigies who are in the gifted program in their local high school. A.N.T. stands for Advanced Natural Talents, and is a program in the high school for kids who are gifted in various ways. The main characters have special talents in music, art, computer science, and memory retention. The show features Chyna Parks, a music prodigy, and Chyna's friends in the A.N.T. program, Olive, who has a photographic memory, and Fletcher, a burgeoning artist who also has a crush on Chyna.

The show is set at the fictional Webster High School in San Francisco, California. In addition to the A.N.T.'s the show also features some of the high school students. Cameron is Chyna's brother and does his best to try to outshine his sister. Lexi is the quintessential head cheerleader. She is threatened by Chyna's talents and is constantly trying to outshine Chyna and her friends.

The plots usually entail the A.N.T.'s getting involved in regular high school activities. Although they would rather stay in their comfort zone in the A.N.T. Farm, they are enticed to participate in school activities. Just like any high school those just starting are usually rather anxious. This is even more true for the A.N.T.'s who are not only younger, but are also perceived to be smarter than the rest of the school, which doesn't sit well with the likes of Lexi.

Chyna often leads the way and encourages the other A.N.T.'s to participate. Their escapades usually involve one of the A.N.T.'s using his/her special talent to win a contest or sometimes just to stay out of trouble.

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Friday 8:30 PM et/pt on Disney
3 Seasons, 63 Episodes - Currently Airing
Comedy, Children
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Ant Farm (A.N.T. Farm) Full Episode Guide

  • Chyna is elated to find out that Olive and Fletcher are now dating.

  • When the gang attends the opening of a flagship New York City Z-Store with Zoltan, Fletcher is given an opportunity of a lifetime. Meanwhile, Chyna is impressed by a street performer's personality.

  • Grundy dresses up as Santa Claus but the backup computer creates a lockdown in the school when it determines Santa to be a threat.

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