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There has been a recent trend in television of new shows depicting the men who work in some of the world's most dangerous professions. These shows are extremely popular because they tend to highlight some charismatic, yet completely relatable characters, plus they treat audiences to slices of life in worlds that they would not otherwise be able to see or visit. One of the newest programs to fit into this subset of reality programming is the History Channel's Ax Men. The title of the show perfectly sums up what the show is about in two simple words, but the program goes much deeper than simply depicting the work lives of men whose primary tool is the ax.

Throughout its run, Ax Men has depicted a number of different logging companies operating in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States in places like Oregon, Washington and Montana. It spends a significant amount of time telling the stories of the individual characters so that audiences have a chance to relate to them. Then, it sends the characters out to do their jobs, which are often very dangerous. The danger of the work permeates every aspect of the program, and it gives extra weight to the relationships depicted between the various people who are documented on the show.

Ax Men also goes into detail regarding the unique lingo and jargon spoken by its characters. As is the case in most industries, logging has its own language and set of rules, and newcomers to the profession often believe that professionals speak in some kind of made-up language. Thanks to the show's research and its ability to get the characters to relate to the audience, many members of the viewing audience now know that booger wood is a term for useless lumber, while a skyline is a cable strung across each logging site. Additionally, the show spends time examining the history of logging and its impact on people, as well as society at large.

Reality programming is becoming much more specific as time goes on, but the public does not seem to mind. This is because shows like Ax Men let them see a world that would be mysterious and unknown in any other set of circumstances. Ax Men is now in its fifth season, and if it continues to offer great human drama mixed with idiosyncratic education, it will air for many more seasons.

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  • The Papac Crew is moving on to the most remote and dangerous site of their season. On the St. Johns River, Greg Chapman is losing money and desperately need to score big to get back into the black. Down on the Mississippi Delta, Gary and Eddie's new venture is becoming a nightmare. In the Bayou, Shelby is under the gun to fill his hundred thousand board foot order, but time is running out for the Swampman.

  • Papac Alaska delves deeper into their 7000 acre site, Joe and Coatsy hike out into the harsh wilderness to hatch a plan of attack for the next section of this massive project.

  • Gabe demands too much of his crew; Delta, Gary and Eddie want to cash in on green gold; in order to keep the people safe, the Swampman plays demolition derby. Also, Zitterkopf is at risk of pulling down the family empire; and the Chapman group think about insurrection.

  • Craig Rygaard, the head of Rygaard Logging, attempts to get his team back on track; the Swampman is pressured to make an emergency storm shelter for a treetop; David Zitterkopf's boy Levi receives a pertinent lesson in logging.

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