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Batfink is an animated superhero TV series that ran for 100 episodes from April 1966 to October 1967. Its format was a little different from most animated TV shows of the time, in that it consisted of several short cartoons, five or six minutes in length. Full episodes were 26 minutes long.

The show was created as a parody of some of the popular superhero TV series of the time, such as The Green Hornet and the original Batman series. Batfink (played by Frank Buxton) is a bat who uses his metallic wings and super-sonic sonar radar to fight crime. He frequently gets his information from the local Police Chief (played by Len Maxwell), who contacts him through a video link directly connected to Batfink's split-level cave.

Besides Batfink and the Chief, the other two main characters throughout the show are Karate and Hugo A-Go-Go. Karate (played by Len Maxwell) is Batfink's driver and sidekick. While Batfink is the brains of the operation, Karate is the brawn - not too bright, but strong enough to be an asset. As his name suggests, he's a martial arts expert. The character of Karate is a tribute to many other popular characters of the time. His name is a takeoff of The Green Hornet's sidekick, Kato, his voice is deliberately similar to the Get Smart character Maxwell Smart, and his massive body size and shape is a reference to the Bond villain Oddjob. Although sometimes it's Karate's blundering that gets him and Batfink into trouble in the first place, he often provides good backup for Batfink.

Hugo A-Go-Go (played by Frank Buxton) is the series' primary villain, a mad scientist who is constantly creating wacky inventions to help him take over the world. Most of Batfink's adventures are about stopping Hugo, but somehow at the end of the episode, Hugo always manages to get away and cause more trouble in later episodes.

The series was released on DVD in 2007 as a DVD boxset containing all 100 episodes.

1 Season, 100 Episodes - Canceled
April 21, 1966
Animation & Cartoons
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Batfink Full Episode Guide

  • Hugo A-Go-Go steals a hubcap from Batfink's car to draw him to his laboratory.

  • The wizened old Father Time Bomb plants a time bomb in the Chief's locker, then calls the Chief informing him of his deed.

  • Bowl Brummel makes his strike down Diamond Alley by throwing a bomb ball and robbing the jewels.

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