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The show BBQ Pitmasters is the American reality television series that will follow BBQ enthusiasts around as they compete for prizes and cash in a number of BBQ competitions. The series was first seen by viewers in December of 2009. The first season consisted of eight episodes that were filmed in a documentary reality format that would follow around a number of BBQ teams from around the country as BBQ contestants.

The show would display a mixture of proteins along with a more exotic style meat. The winners each week would compete against one another for the season finale that would compile of prizes including $100,000 along with a Kingsford Cup. The judges from the second season consisted of Myron Mixon, Warren Sapp and Art Smith. The host was Kevin Roberts.

In January of 2012, Myron Mixon went on to the social networking sites to let people know that the new season would start in March and could be seen in April on the new channel Destination America.

If you are someone who has always wanted to learn some tips on how to BBQ the right way or just simply wanted to know what types of meat you could place on the bbq, this show is right up your alley. Here on the show they will show you all the exotic meats that you might not have otherwise thought of trying. Once you sit down to try the bbq without actually preparing it yourself, you might be surprised to learn that something that you thought was nasty, could be quite good. The show will show you how one team thought of a food and went on to prepare it and cook it and then hand it over to the judges. Once the food is placed in front of the judges, the judges will discuss amongst themselves what they think of the food and which food was best prepared as well as to what food tasted the best. Once they decide who did what the best, the winner will be chosen. Once the winner has been declared, the winner will then be asked to come back on the show for the season finale where the winners from each episode will be brought back to compete for the grand prize.

Overall a good show for someone who loves to BBQ or who loves to watch people BBQ to watch. Each season will bring more and more meats and proteins to the table.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Destination America
7 Seasons, 55 Episodes - Currently Airing
Food, Reality
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BBQ Pitmasters Full Episode Guide

  • $50,000 and the coveted title of Kingsford BBQ Pitmasters All-Star Grand Champion are on the line. This matchup features the hottest pitmaster on the competition circuit, Tim Grant, looking for his first win on BBQ Pitmasters.

  • Three All- Stars are back to compete against each other for the first time. Brisket and Venison tenderloin are served.

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