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Blue Exorcist is an exciting show that features a familiar plot with a fascinating twist. Rin Okumura, the main character, believes that he is a regular teenager, although he has always seemed to be stronger than other boys. It is only when his twin brother leaves to study at a mysterious academy that Rin discovers that he is the son of the devil. When Rin witness the man who raised him dying to defend him, Rin decides that his days of peace are over. He unsheathes his sword Kurikara, thus releasing his full demonic powers. He plans to use these frightening powers to become an exorcist, hoping to one day defeat his own father.

With the release of his powers, Rin takes on demonic features and becomes stronger. He sprouts horns, long fangs and a tail, and gains the ability to call up extremely powerful blue flames. However, although he is now stronger than ever, Rin still has a lot to learn. He decides to enroll at his brother's academy, the True Cross Academy, which is really a secret organization working to protect the human world from the demon world. Once there, Rin takes courses in exorcism and trains with his brother, who is already an exorcist, to learn all that he can. Soon, he begins defending humans from demons and other scary creatures that are intent on wreaking havoc.

Blue Exorcist is an anime, or Japanese style cartoon. Like most animes, it was based off of a popular manga, or Japanese comic book. It was originally inspired by a mix of classic fairy tales but, due to the subject matter, features quite a bit of religion as well, making it a well-rounded and interesting to a wide range of people.

1 Season, 25 Episodes - Canceled
April 8, 2011
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  • Satan has transformed himself into a gigantic Gehenna Gate, and is attempting to absorb all of Assiah. Rin and Yukio, joined by Shura and Angel, attack the gate. Meanwhile, at the school, the exorcists defend against a myriad of demons.

  • Hordes of demons are spilling out of Gehenna Gate, and are now indiscriminately attacking the people of True Cross Academy Town! Meanwhile, Rin has been rescued by Suguro and Shiemi and is starting to come to. What Rin sees when he awakens is...

  • Ernst is scheming to open the Gehenna Gate by using the blood of Rin, son of Satan. In order to protect his wounded older brother, Yukio offers to take his place.

  • In light of the recent incidents, Mephisto is dismissed from his post as director. The Orders Supreme Advisors are ousted as well, paving the way for Ernst to become Pope. And the newly appointed Preceptor of the Japan Branch is revealed to be...

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