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The child oriented animated program, Bob the Builder helps young people deal with life's learning situations. A construction theme is used to demonstrate how to handle conflict and cooperation with others. Amiable socialization is an important skill children learn as they develop. As children develop through the formative first five years, this pre-school program entertains as well as teaches children ways to handle difficult situations in their little lives. These talking vehicles are an innovative way to grasp the attention of young viewers.

Bob the contractor has friends who are all different kinds of construction vehicles. Once presented with a problem, Bob presents it to his friends and asks, Can we do it. His friends in turn answers back, Yes we can! This same question and answer jingle is part of the program's theme song. Bob's friends all have different attitudes that resemble how people look at problems.

Scratch is a small digger is eager to impress what he can do. Gripper and Grabber are cranes that work together to solve problems. Tumbler is kind and gentle, but demonstrates strength. Although Flex likes to impress others, he will do his best to work together. Bristle is very tidy, but friendly. Splasher is the only vehicle that can perform on land and water. Packer the delivery truck is very enthusiastic and follows direction. Dodger the milk trucker works well in a group with his friends Packer and Scrambler. Scoop the digger accepts challenges and assumes leadership. Muck the digger/dump truck has some issues being messy and fear of the dark. Dizzy the cement mixer has a lot of clutter and doesn't mind living meagerly. Ridley the steam roller keeps everything happy by making up and singing songs. Lofty the crane always rises to keep things going. Ginny the small digger always likes to learn new things. Travis the tractor is always ready to help Bob with the problems he brings to the group. All the vehicles don't participate in every problem. The situations shows how there are different skills needed to resolve certain problems.

Bob the Builder is a British television broadcast that is televised in over thirty countries.

9 Seasons, 128 Episodes - Returning Series
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  • The team builds a shelter out of recycled material.

  • Bob & the gang discover something amazing.

  • Farmer Pickles has a new family of pigs delivered to his farm, and Bob must build a new home for them.

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