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"Bones" has been showing since 2005 on Fox and just finished airing the seventh season in May 2012. The series follows Dr. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist and played by Emily Deschanel, and FBI agent Seeley Booth, played by David Boreanaz of "Angel." Brennan, because of her love of bones, has been nicknamed "Bones" by Booth.

The character of Dr. Temperance Brennan is loosely based on the character of Dr. Temperance Brennan in the book series by Kathy Reichs. Reichs is also one of the show's producers and a real life forensic anthropologist. Dr. Brennan is a very literal person and deals almost exclusively in facts. Because humans don't always behave according to the "facts," she has a hard time in social situations.

However, she takes social interaction as seriously as she does her work as a forensic anthropologist and her coworkers at The Jeffersonian Institute (a real, well-known bastion of scientific discovery that has been fictionalized in the series) work at trying to help her understand a regular person's humor and reactions to social situations. However, the bulk of the story revolves around Bones, who has been authorized to be Booth's partner, and Booth as they solve crimes.

Cases are assigned to them when they involve human remains that have bones present. Some are fresh, some are ancient and others are barely recognizable or are fragmented. Dr. Brennan's team, made up of Angela, a reconstruction artist and genius with computer algorithms whose father is ZZ Top's guitarist, Hodgins, an expert on bug larvae, plants and trace material, and a revolving cast of forensic anthropology interns. Some of the interns can't hack Brennan's lack of an interpersonal style and others are just as quirky as the rest of the regular crew.

One graduate student, Zack Addy, who later became Dr. Zack Addy was just as awkward as Brennan in social situations, but he wound up being an apprentice to a serial killer later on in the series. Bones, Booth and crew have had to deal with Zack and his master and several other killers. All that while Brennan helps solving crimes, trying to manage her relationship with Booth (they're now married and have a daughter despite a bumpy ride) and dealing with her father's criminal past and abandonment of her.

Other characters include the always analyzing psychologist, Dr. Lance Sweets, Dr. Camille Saroyan, the head of the Jeffersonian Forensics Division and grumpy, but lovable, prosecutor in the U.S Attorney's office, Caroline Julian. "Bones" has a great mix of dialogue, humor and drama which makes it a yearly favorite for many. With a new serial killer toying with the team, the eighth season, which starts in September 2012, is already looking good.

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  • The team investigates the murder of the son of a powerful diplomat.

  • Brennan and Booth investigate the death of a private high school student.

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What's New Tonight: Monday, April 22nd.

8:00 PM EST: “Bones” on FOX. Fear of a viral outbreak ensues when a journalist turns up dead in a biohazard facility. The search for a cure intensifies when one of the Jeffersonian’s own ends up infected by the same virus that killed the journalist. “The Voice” on NBC. The battles continue! Advisers this time around are Hillary Scott, Sheryl Crow, Joel Madden, and Pharrell Williams. “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” on ABCFAM. To see if attending Hudson University is even possible, Amy reviews her current financial situation.

'Bones' Season 8, Episode 20: 'The Blood from the Stones' Recap

“Bones”, season 8, episode 20, “The Blood from the Stones” Dr. Saroyan, Booth, and Bones are on the scene of the latest crime. Bones is very excited about their latest victim, as his body indicates he decomposed in two different microclimates, and it’s something she’s only read about in books. Dr. Saroyan determines the death to be a murder. Booth checks the back of the SUV and finds an old shotgun, which Booth believes to have killed the victim. In the lab, Dr.

'Bones' Season 8, Episode 19: 'The Doom in the Gloom' Recap

“Bones”, season 8, episode 19, “The Doom in the Gloom” A woman comes to in a shed. Disoriented, she goes for the door only to be hit by a massive explosion, throwing her backwards into a shelf. Elsewhere, Sweets and Booth watch a Kung-Fu movie when Sweets gets a call about an apartment in Georgetown. Booth gets a call soon after calling him to the scene of the explosion. At the scene, the charred remains seem to be decapitated. Booth notices lots of scorched ammunition and explosives.

'Bones' Season 8, Episode 18: 'The Survivor in the Soap' Recap

‘Bones’, season 8, episode 18, ‘The Survivor in the Soap’ Dr. Saroyan and the intern Arastoo share a quick kiss before their date, making sure to keep their secrecy. As she leaves for her date, an FBI agent arrives with a chemical vat containing a body. So much for the date. At Bones and Booth’s apartment, Booth says they need a vacation, but doesn’t want an education vacation. They get called into work and postpone their vacation planning. Bones determines the victim, stuck in soap in the barrel, to be male.

'Bones' Season 8, Episode 17, 'The Fact in the Fiction' Recap

‘Bones’, season 8, episode 17, ‘The Fact in the Fiction’ A farmer (an investment banker trying to get back to nature) aerating his crops manages to run over a recently uncovered corpse, getting it stuck in his equipment. The crew arrives at the scene, and Booth and Bones argue about asteroid mining, Booth thinking it’s a great investment, while Bones says that it’s not worth it. The team determines the victim, a Hispanic male, was murdered about 5 days ago.

'Bones' Season 8, Episode 16: 'The Friend in Need' Recap

‘Bones’, season 8, episode 16, ‘The Friend in Need’ A homeless man drags a dirty suitcase into a pawnshop, hoping to get 10 bucks for it. The owner doesn’t want to buy it. The homeless man opens it up, convinced there might be treasure in it, only to reveal some bloody human remains. The owner screams in terror. The remains are delivered to the lab and the team determines that the victim is teenage male, possibly killed due to his own stupidity. Booth and Sweets break the news to the boy’s mother, who is joined with her neighbor Delores, and her daughter Kat.

'Bones' Season 8, Episode 15: 'The Shot in the Dark' Recap

‘Bones’: season 8, spisode 15: ‘The Shot in the Dark’ The team at the Jeffersonian is presented with a new body, which Bones determines is a male in his late-30s/early-40s. He was found on the rocks under a bridge, indicating he either jumped or was pushed. Bones hasn’t seen damage like that on a body since a skydiving accident where the diver’s chute didn’t open. Hodgins says the time of death was 5 or 6 days ago. Bones dismisses herself and heads home while she waits for the bones to be cleaned.

'Bones' Season 8, Episode 13: 'The Doll in the Derby' Recap

Two police are called to an abandoned warehouse to investigate a possible B&E. Thinking it is nothing, they panic when one of the officers falls into a pool of rancid blood and spots a mutilated corpse. While Booth and Bones head to the crime scene, Booth says he has to go to the hospital first. Bones, aware of the situation offers her help, but he turns it down, saying it’s his thing. At the scene, Bones theorizes that someone chopped up the body and attempted to dispose of it through a drain.

'Bones' Season 8, Episode 13: 'The Twist in the Plot' Recap

A group of people is traveling through the woods on their Segways, when one falls off, landing face-first in the dirt. When she sits up, her face is covered with beetles. The man with her notices the beetles are coming from a corpse, half-exposed in the ground. Booth and Bones tease Sweets about Daisy working in the lab once again. They do not think he has ever gotten over her, and he uses that as an excuse as to why he has not moved out yet. Just in case he can win her back. Booth and the team are called to the scene.

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