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For the dog lover, choosing a canine to add to your home is a fun and exciting prospect. However, the number of dog breeds available and their differing characteristics makes picking just the right one a challenge. Breed All About It comes to the rescue of every potential dog owner with a thorough evaluation of various breeds of canines. The show features puppies through adulthood, giving the novice an idea of how large the dog will get and how their appearance changes as they develop.

Beginning with the unique traits of the breed being showcased, Breed All About It also provides background to the breeds past. Documenting the history gives insight to why that particular breed was developed and what man intended the dog to provide. Herding dogs helped around the farm with moving livestock from field to barn. Hunting breeds assisted with putting food on the table. Some breeds were simply desired for their ability to be a companion. Knowing why that breed of dog came about, allows the potential owner to understand the basic characteristics that the show details.

Practical concerns such as how often the dog will need to be groomed, and if the owner will need to hire a professional to perform the task, allow the owner to know how big of a budget they will need for maintenance of their new addition. Health concerns that may increase veterinary costs or shorten the life of your new canine are revealed, and an analysis of the trainability of that particular breed is offered. The program gives an honest report on how much exercise this breed generally requires, and if the dogs are known for getting along well with small children and other pets. Housing requirements such as if the dog would fit in well with apartment life; helps make the decision if that breed would suit your lifestyle.

Fun segments within the show often feature people who compete with their dogs or utilize them in ways that the breed is known for, emphasizing the dog's distinct traits. This gives the prospective new owner an idea of idea of enjoyable activities to do with their new pet. When you decide to research a potential dog to add to your household, Breed All About It can point you in the right direction with accurate portrayals of the various breeds of canines.

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  • Scotties are smart, independent souls and even trainable given the right incentive. Perhaps more than any other breed, the Scottie has been immortalized in high art and pop culture.

  • With both spaniel and setter in it's bloodline, the Brittany is a versatile bird dog. The smallest of the versatile gundogs, the Brittany is an active dog with an independent spirit. Training becomes necessary in order to live happily with the Brittany.

  • The legendary loyalty of the Akita caught the attention of Helen Keller who introduced the breed to America. Originally, the Akita was an all-purpose hunting dog in its native Japan. The breed is said to have been used as a water retriever for fishermen.

  • This animal's compact size makes it popular with folks who have smaller yards. The breed also travels well, and its trademark bark cautions owners to anything out of the ordinary.

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