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James Garner reprised the role that made him a star, Old West gambler Bret Maverick, in this revival series that aired on NBC during the 1981-82 TV season. The storyline concerned Maverick giving up his days of wandering and attempting to settle down and lead a quiet life as a rancher in the town of Sweetwater located in the Arizona Territory. Though Maverick wanted to lead a quiet life something always seemed to get in his way as he tried to adjust to the changing times and get along with his fellow townspeople which included his business partner, former lawman Tom Guthrie (Ed Bruce), spunky female newspaper editor Mary Lou Springer (Darleen Carr), salty ranch foreman Cy Whittaker (Richard Hamilton), banker Elijah Crow (Ramon Bieri), newly elected sheriff Mitchell Dowd (John Shearin), and a sleazy half-breed con man named Philo Sandine (Stuart Margolin).

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Tuesdays at 9:00 pm on NBC
1 Season, 18 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
Action & Adventure
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Bret Maverick Full Episode Guide

  • Tom Guthrie is running for re-election as sheriff and wants business partner Bret Maverick to keep a low profile in the campaign but Bret is working on one of the biggest scams of his life and isn't about to be kept under wraps.

  • Bret Maverick and Tom Guthrie get snookered into protecting a gold shipment from a band of ruthless outlaws.

  • After being swindled out of their land by a religious charlatan, the people of Sweetwater look to Bret Maverick in order to turn the tables.

  • A charlatan who heads a phony religious sect uses legal means to swindle the people of Sweetwater out of their land.

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