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"I'm just a kid who's four, each day I grow some more," is the opening line for the theme song from "Caillou." The show is dedicated to informing and entertaining preschoolers everywhere. Caillou goes through his everyday adventures from the perspective of a young kid, learning and growing along the way.

Joining Caillou are his sister Rosie, Daddy and Mommy. Grandma and Grandpa have big roles as well. Extended friends like Leo and Clementine come into his life through the preschool Caillou attends. The show appeals to young children because of its realism and simple, colorful animation.

Caillou's adventures see him learn how to take care of his pet cat Gilbert and begin to take on other responsibilities around the house. He invites children viewing the show to come along with him on journeys near and far. A family road trip or a day in the garden are given equal treatment as valid for children and adults.

Episodes are interspersed with bits of his imagination. Caillou might be driving a firetruck with his Leo or operating heavy equipment. The imagination segments are very effective, exploring how children develop their understanding of the world through imaginative daydreaming and role play.

In a world of children's television programming that too often relies on over-the-top animation or action to entertain, watching Caillou learn to understand his world through creative imagination is a welcome relief. Parents can rest assured that Caillou and his family and friends will provide hours of educational entertainment. It's important to the development of cognitive reasoning for children to learn how to weave fantasy and reality together.

Caillou began as a series of children's books written in French. Some of the stories were animated into five-minute shorts that aired on Canadian television. The success of the shorts prompted development of longer story lines and an eventual collaboration with PBS to translate episodes into English. Overall, four seasons of Caillou have been produced to date. Caillou airs on PBS and Sprout in the United States.

Wednesday 9:00 AM et/pt on PBS
10 Seasons, 199 Episodes - Canceled
January 1, 1998
Children, Animation & Cartoons
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Caillou Full Episode Guide

  • A Sweet and Sour Day: Caillou is helping Grandma water her flowers and fill the birdbath. When they get thirsty and need a break from gardening, Grandma finds there's no juice to be found in the fridge. No matter, Grandma shows Caillou how to make fruit juice from scratch, and it tastes so good that Mommy asks for seconds. Caillou's Puppet Show: Caillou and his friends Jason and Jeffrey make finger puppets at playschool and decide to put on a puppet show for the rest of the class the next day. The next morning, however, Caillou is disappointed to find that he's caught the measles from Rosie and can't go to playschool. All is saved when the whole class comes to wish him well and the puppet show goes on as planned - through the living room window! Caillou's Collection: In the park Caillou starts a new hobby - collecting rocks! He finds out that Grandpa has a rock collection too, and they go to the quarry where Caillou watches a worker break up big stones into smaller ones. Caillou gets to pick out a rock for Grandpa that ends up in Grandpa's new rock garden. Which gives Caillou an idea for the perfect spot to put his own rocks.

  • Caillou's Valentines: It's Valentine's Day and Daddy surprises Mommy with a bouquet of roses at breakfast. Caillou is intrigued by the cupid on his card from Mommy. At playschool the children make valentines for all their friends. Caillou imagines he's cupid when he is delivering his cards to the appropriate mailboxes, but is upset to find he's lost his special card for his best friend Leo. Luckily, with Miss Martin's help he makes a new one and Leo really likes it! Hello Spring:Caillou is very sad when his snowman melts away in the warm spring sunshine. He doesn't want winter to end. He helps Daddy clean up the yard and learns about composting. And during a walk in the park he is reminded of all the good things about spring - the birds returning, the warm weather, the fun things he can do outside. By the time they return home and Caillou finds the first crocuses of spring, he has decided that he's glad spring is here. Caillou's April Fool: Daddy plays an April Fool's trick on Mommy, setting all the clocks ahead one hour. They explain all about April Fool's Day to Caillou, who is determined to join in the fun. The hard part however, is thinking of a good trick to play. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, Caillou plays a couple of good tricks on Mommy and on Daddy too. April Fool!

  • Caillou's Surprise: When Caillou accidentally breaks Mommy's favourite cup, Grandma suggests they make her a new one. Caillou goes to Grandma's pottery class where he learns how to make a cup, paint it with glaze and fire it. He's a little impatient about waiting overnight for it to be ready, but the final result is worth the wait. And Mommy loves her new cup! A Surprise for Miss Martin: When Caillou finds out that Miss Martin's birthday is coming up, he wants to do something very special for her. He, Leo and Clementine decide to throw her a surprise birthday party. Mommy helps them make cupcakes, then shows them how to make flowers out of coloured paper. The party is a huge success - Miss Martin is very surprised, she loves her flowers, and the cupcakes are delicious! A Surprise Sleepover: Sarah is playing at Caillou's house when a sudden rainstorm causes a power outage. It's a little scary at first, but when the candles are lit the situation turns into a fun adventure. Sarah's mom says she can sleep over so they make a little tent and pretend they're camping.

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