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Take a trip across the stars with the adventurous, romantic, and heroic Captain Harlock. The captain, along with his crew, journey throughout the galaxy aboard the infamous and masterfully crafted Arcadia. This space pirate with his own brand of philosophy towards life is a swash buckling, gun totting hero who's out to rid the cosmos of villainous trash. Instead of risking his life for mounds of priceless treasure, he is more interested in rescuing the less fortunate. With the help of his friends, like the Arcadia's architect Tochiro Oyama, the captain is a force to be reckoned with.

Embark on the tale of one man's determination to bring wickedness to an end no matter what the cost. Discover the price that must be paid to defend a universe overflowing with blood thirsty bullies that must be taught a lesson.

Toei Animation
3 Seasons, 70 Episodes - Ended
March 14, 1978
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Captain Harlock Full Episode Guide

  • "Mayu, plant flowers on this burnt field. Then call the butterflies and birds back here. Daiba, make history."Harlock and his crew go for their triumphant return to Earth, but, all that awaits them is an order that they've been banished from Earth. Harlock, thinking for the young crewmembers' sake, pleads to the Prime Minister to just pardon them and to disband as pirates. However, even that plea is rejected. At that moment, all the Mazone that were lying dormant on Earth arise. Harlock realizes that the Queen hinted at this happening but it was too late, cities are laid in ruin. The Prime Minister cries for help to Harlock and they decide to have their final fight for the sake of Earth. Peace is restored. Harlock entrusts the remnants of Earth to Tadashi and the gang and once again heads for space.

  • "I want to make a flower bloom. A flower of the future."Making its way past countless gunshots, the Arcadia finally arrives at Queen Lafresia's flagship. The crew sans First mate Yattaran makes a full assault on the ship. Harlock then confronts Queen Lafresia, who is wearing a battle uniform. They clash swords as she furiously battles the man who trying to crush her dream. Then, Harlock's friend who is in the Arcadia helps Harlock to victory. When Harlock sees the red blood flowing from Lafresia's veins, he decides to let her and the Mazone go. However, her final words are "I will leave."

  • "I want to have a drink with you. Once the battle is ended."After a bunch of skirmishes, the true battle finally begins. The Mazone use an underhanded tactic by camouflaging a medic ship and sneaking in to attack. Harlock then rescues a pregnant woman from a civilian ship that they accidentally attack. As this is more important than being friend or foe, they ignore the Queen's orders for the time being. Neither party attacks until the baby is safely born. Seeing this side of Harlock for the first time, the Queen decides to stop the petty tricks and to fight Harlock directly.

  • "Have a drink and talk to me. Sometimes people need to clear the air between them."The Arcadia leaves for space with Kiruta on board, after he was injured while trying to save Mayu. Before the final showdown, Kiruta confesses his true feelings to Harlock. About how he rescued a bunch of juvenile delinquents who were branded criminals, and how he wanted to create a future for them. He then drums up the courage to ferociously fight and closely battles with Mazone who board the ship. He then sacrifices himself to put up a defense and to protect Tadashi and First mate, Yattaran. Harlock buries him with respect.

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