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Take a trip across the stars with the adventurous, romantic, and heroic Captain Harlock. The captain, along with his crew, journey throughout the galaxy aboard the infamous and masterfully crafted Arcadia. This space pirate with his own brand of philosophy towards life is a swash buckling, gun totting hero who's out to rid the cosmos of villainous trash. Instead of risking his life for mounds of priceless treasure, he is more interested in rescuing the less fortunate. With the help of his friends, like the Arcadia's architect Tochiro Oyama, the captain is a force to be reckoned with.

Embark on the tale of one man's determination to bring wickedness to an end no matter what the cost. Discover the price that must be paid to defend a universe overflowing with blood thirsty bullies that must be taught a lesson.

Toei Animation
1 Season, 42 Episodes - Ended
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Captain Harlock Full Episode Guide

  • Harlock and his crew go for their triumphant return to Earth, but, all that awaits them is an order that they?ve been banished from Earth.

  • Making its way past countless gunshots, the Arcadia finally arrives at Queen Lafresia‚Äôs flagship.

  • After a bunch of skirmishes, the true battle finally begins.

  • The Arcadia leaves for space with Kiruta on board, after he was injured while trying to save Mayu.

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