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Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove takes place in a quiet seaside town that offers picturesque views in every hour of drama. The setting presents the audience with plenty of watery scenery, quaint town buildings and streets, and trees to enjoy. The small town is an important character in the story as it is the love and lure of Cedar Cove that in the pilot movie prevented Judge Olivia Lockhart (Andie MacDowell) from accepting a federal judgeship and waving goodbye to the place.

Lockhart is a commonsense character, rational and guarded in all things. She has a grown daughter that she works hard to protect and a best friend who is much her opposite. She is also dating a newcomer to Cedar Cove, reporter Jack Griffith (Dylan Neal). He has a messy history that presents complications from time to time.

Griffith is a bit of a colorful character, a recovering alcohol who summons his courage to ask Lockhart out. Every move is new for him, giving the progressing relationship lots of suspense and realism. He also has a son who he is striving to build a relationship after not having spoken to him in years.

Lockhart's best friend Grace (Teryl Rothery) is a flamboyant, life of the party type who was recently dumped and divorced by her husband of 26 years. The character is full of different flavors, though. She has shown her fear, nervousness, and vulnerability at being divorced in several scenes so far. Her interactions with some of the other residents have been surprising, including the aforementioned son of Griffith. Like Lockhart, Grace also has a grown daughter in Cedar Cove.

The town does have its villains, primarily the wealthy Warren Saget (Brennan Elliott). Viewers first got to know Saget as the much-older boyfriend of Lockhart's daughter. In short order, it was discovered that he had at least one affair, a situation that also provided a chance for Lockhart to demonstrate that she is a mother first and a judge second. Later, Saget planned to tear down Cedar Cove's beloved lighthouse until Lockhart again intervened and reached a secret understanding with Saget.

Ultimately, the people of Cedar Cove face the usual complications from interpersonal relations and deal with the political ramifications of small town life.

Saturday 8:00 PM et/pt on Hallmark
3 Seasons, 36 Episodes - Fate To Be Determined
July 20, 2013
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  • Grace and Cliff accept a huge crowd at their wedding. It becomes necessary for Olivia to give Paul an answer.

  • Olivia struggles with Jack's past while Jack devotes himself to his work. Also, Paul reveals something unexpected before Grace's wedding.

  • Jeri is upset that her job was offered to Jack. Paul experience his first date after his divorce. Will is no longer welcome to stay at Olivia's house.

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