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Cities of the Underworld is a show that deals with cities that are underground either due to the effects of time or due to top secret needs. During the show three areas are visited and explored by the host and a colleague. The areas are usually in caves or underground and in some instances the cameras cannot show how to get in the places as the areas are sill considered needed for top secret security.

One thing to note about the show is that the title is a bit deceptive. While cities are covered other things, such as underground factories, military bases, and rum runner hideouts are also explored.

Topics of Cities of the Underworld range from Roman cities that were built to store wine to a factory built by the Nazis that houses Hitler's doomsday device. The areas are fully explored, though in some instances if the going gets too tough the host and his colleague will turn back.

While in most cases the area will be completely unsuitable, in some cases there is not a need to go cave exploring as the area will still be an operation and will still be quite suitable. These areas are usually military basis or ones that are currently still online. In these instances the host wears his regular clothes as he is shown the workings of the place by the colleague. It is also worth noting that in these instances that the cameras sometimes have to be turned off as the colleague will not want anyway finding out how to get into the top secret building as it could jeopardize national security. However, the cameras are allowed elsewhere in the area.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on History Channel
3 Seasons, 38 Episodes - Returning Series
Documentary & Biography, History
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Cities of the Underworld Full Episode Guide

  • Bajo la soleada fachada de Sidney, Australia, yace un oscuro pasado. Creada por convictos, mineros de oro y forajidos, esta nación forjó su libertad desde las profundidades subterráneas. Explore el Alcatraz australiano, la prisión del siglo 19.

  • This episode focuses on the underworld of Turkey, including remaining tunnels from invaders and travelers on a trade route. Also included is the legend and lore of the Trojan War.

  • The urban sprawl of Cairo, Egypt belies its history as one of the world's oldest civilizations, where the Pharaohs' ancient secrets lay hidden deep below the vast deserts of the Nile. Explore the massive engineering might of the oldest structures in the world, and learn how they survived a long history of invasions by the Greeks, Romans and Turks.

  • While most people think of San Francisco as a haven for peace-loving hippies, this city by the Bay is actually one of the biggest military defense installations in America. Go beneath its picturesque hills and uncover the biggest ammunitions depot on the West Coast before plunging into a deadly arsenal that once stored nuclear missiles with more than six times the destructive power of the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima. From the secret Civil War fortification buried beneath Alcatraz to the human trafficking tunnels winding below Chinatown, San Francisco's underground is evidence of its sordid past.

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