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Eerie Indiana is a television series shown on the North American television station NBC. The show's protagonist is a boy named Marshall Teller (played by Omri Katz), a boy who has just moved with his family his father (Francis Guinan), mother (Mary-Margaret Humes), and his older sister (Julie Condra)) to the strange, quiet town of Eerie, Indiana, which Marshall dubs "the center of weirdness for the universe". Upon arrival, Marshall immediately knows that there's something very wrong about the town and its residents, but despite his many protests, no one in his family believes him.

Shortly after moving to Eerie, Marshall meets a boy his age named Simon Holmes (played by Justin Shenkarow). Simon is one of the only other normal people living in the small town, and the two become fast friends. They band together and decide to try and solve the mysteries of the little town themselves. The two of them encounter many strange things, things that should only be urban legends or fairy tales. Things that shouldn't have been real such as Bigfoot, talking dogs that can be communicated with when wearing a special retainer, Elvis still being alive, ghosts, brainwashing guidance counselors, and horror movies coming to life. Altogether the show spans thirteen episodes; there are many recurring characters, but mostly it follows a monster of the week format instead of carrying on a long plotline.

Eerie, Indiana began its initial run in 1991 and finished airing in 1992, but the final episode did not air until the show was syndicated in 1993 on the Disney channel. Due to the show's popularity, there was an attempt at a reboot called Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension. It aired on Fox for one season in 1998.

Sundays at 7:30 pm on NBC
2 Seasons, 38 Episodes
September 15, 1991
Horror & Suspense
Cast: Omri Katz
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Eerie, Indiana Full Episode Guide

  • When an endangered species hunter arrives in Eerie, Mitchell goes into jackalope conservation to help save the animals.

  • When Mitchell wins a wishbone-pull with a stranger, he starts leading a charmed life. However, Mitchell quickly becomes unhappy and decides to take the stranger to court.

  • When Eerie's citizens begin to regress back into childhood, Mitchell must use the author's mom who started the phenomena, Siggy Floyd's Mom, to save the town.

  • When Kari is kidnapped by Comestics queen Dolores Smith, in order to save her, Mitchell and Stanely must endure a day at the spa.

  • When Mitchell and Stanley discover a secret about Eerie's newsroom, they must save Mitchell's Mom.

  • Mitchell and Stanley must save the town from WYRD's night-time deejay, a cranky guy who calls himself The Sandman. The Sandman turns dreams into nightmares

  • After Mitchell accidentally clones a 13-year-old version of his father, he must stop his dad from creating havoc while keeping his true identity a secret.

  • When soap star Stag Carnalli comes to Eerie, life quickly degenerates into a torrid soap opera. To save his family, Mitchell and Stanley must devise a melodramatic departure for Stag

  • When Stanley starts developing a big-time attitude with his newly honed razor wit, Mitchell must battle for Stanley's soul using help from famous comedian Howie "The Lip" Lippman.

  • When Chronos Crop starts selling time, Mitch and Stanley embark on a journey to sell Eerie's time back, and do battle with Tempis and his sidekick Fugit.

  • Mitchell and Stanley investigate the strange disappearances of electronic machine contest winners.

  • When the Bureau of Statistics investigates Eerie, Mitchell and Stanley must reach out to extraterrestrial life to save their hometown.

  • Mitchell and Stanley try to uncover the secrets of the Eerie Junior Executives Club and its leader, Mr. Stepford.

  • Mitchell and Stanley try to help a poltergeist return to visibility by forging him a new identity.

  • When a cable shop creates a connection between two worlds, best friends Mitchell and Stanley must devote themselves to saving their hometown.

  • Marshall tries to save a friend with an abusive father who claims that subliminal messages in heavy metal records are ruining his son.

  • Marshall is bewildered to discover that everyone in Eerie (including his own family) have become actors on a TV show, and his hometown has turned into a Hollywood studio. Marshall has to figure out how onto his version of reality.

  • Eerie's resident homeless shopping cart pusher Chappy Furnell has a past; was he an axe murdere or a liberal? As it turns out, he was the smartest man in the world until he downloaded his brain onto an 8-track tape.

  • Marshall and Simon, exploring Eerie's "haunted" mill, discover a strange, grey-haired boy with no memory of his past. They also unearth a real ghost, Grungy Bill, the worst bank robber east of the Mississippi.

  • When Professor Zircon's Traveling Museum of the Parabelievable comes to town, Marshall and Simon discover there's more to life than Bigfoot and UFO's.

  • A killer tornado with a personality comes after Marshall and the only Howard the Tornado Hunter can save him.

  • When Professor Zircon's Traveling Museum of the Parabelievable comes to town, Marshall and Simon discover there's more to life than Bigfoot and UFO's.

  • When he forgets to set his watch back for daylight savings time, Marshall finds himself trapped in a time warp with a strange collection of Eerie citizens who also didn't set their watches back.

  • If a picture is worth a thousand words and a signature makes it authentiv, then Sara Bob is a true artist. When Marshall and Simon lend her their Eerie pencil, Sara Bob's pictures come to life.

  • Marshall finds an undelivered letter and is haunted by a mischievous ghost-kid who needs Marshall to deliver the letter to his 80-year-old sweetheart.

  • Marshall and Devon both have a crush on Melanie, a beautiful new girl at school who is waiting for a heart transplant donor. When Devon is killed in a car accident, his heart is transplanted into her body.

  • When Marshall and Simon are caught playing pranks, they're sent to the nurse's office. After an eye test, Simon mysteriously turns into a workaholic drone without a sense of humour.

  • Marshall and Simon are trying to get Simon's baby brother to do something dangerous for a home video contest when lightning strikes the house, somehow zapping baby brother into the television.

  • Things just seem to disappear in Eerie, and when Dad's lost briefcase sparks a family fight, Marshall decides he must find the briefcase to save his parent's marriage.

  • Eerie enters the nineties as the town S & L gets its frist automatic teller machine. Trouble ensues when the machine becomes obsessed with Simon's friendship and showers him with twenties.

  • When Marshall's friend gets an experimental retainer from the weird orthodontist in town, he discovers that the retainer acts as an antenna allowing him to hear what dogs are thinking.

  • In the pilot episode, Marshall must save his family from the clutches of a body snatchers like cult of kitchenware fanatics who preserve their children's youth by sealing them into human sized containers.

  • In the pilot episode, Marshall must save his family from the clutches of a body snatchers like cult of kitchenware fanatics who preserve their children's youth by sealing them into human sized containers.

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