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The television series Crusade centers around the exploits and characters of the crew of a space ship from Earth commanded by Captain Matthew Gideon (played by Gary Cole). Other major characters include Captain Elizabeth Lochley (played by Tracy Scoggins) and Lieutenant John Matheson (played by Daniel Dae Kim). The ship holds a mandate to conduct a long term mission in space, but occasional guests arrive on board during its travels.

Wednesdays at 10:00 pm on TNT
1 Season, 13 Episodes - Canceled
June 9, 1999
Science Fiction
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Crusade Full Episode Guide

  • The Excalibur is sent on a top-secret mission to Earth and faces an attack by the Drakh.

  • A pair of aliens is encountered by The Excalibur who claim their world has been visited by humans and their government is conspiring to covering up the contact.

  • The crew comes across an alien refugee who might have useful secrets about the Drakh plague, but isn't willing to hand over the information easily.

  • The crew explores the ruins of a planet that's been dead for a long time and discover the remains of a terrible weapon.

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