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Currently hosted by Dan Riskin and Ziya Tong, the Daily Planet is a Canada-based television show airing on Discovery Channel. It offers daily updates, discussions, and information on scientific topics of present events and discoveries. The TV series runs 60 minutes per episode.

In Summer of 2002, the set was entirely remodeled to suit the name change from its original to Daily Planet. 4 years later on the same exact season, the show revamped the set for the second time. And in August of 2011, the set was renovated once more to cater to the relaunching of the series in high-definition format.

At present, Daily Planet features 9 segments on their TV programs, one of which is entitled Mind Bender. This particular segment is a weekly contest wherein the viewers are given five science-related questions. Viewers who send in the right answers online get an equivalent number of entries for a draw for exciting prizes including cameras or movie tickets. The start of the show is entitled the Discoveries segment in which a daily recap is presented regarding science and technology topics from all across the globe.

Weird Planet, on the other hand, revolves around topics that are rare and eccentric. It can be about an odd looking animal or an undiscovered piece of technology. Planet You is another segment in Daily Planet. It highlights technology-related topics and showcases user-generated pictures and videos. Every Tuesday, a segment called Super Slow-Mo Tuesday can be watched wherein a slow motion video of random topics are presented.

Other segments including Alan Nursall Experience and Riskin's Business revolve around discovery of science or technology-related matters around the globe or experiments conducted to help people understand the world better. Aside from regular shows, Daily Planet also features special episodes where it shows hosts traveling to different places. For example, in 2005, Daily Planet Goes To Japan was released, which offers a full 60 minutes of multiple episodes. Following this special, in 2006, Daily Planet Goes To China was launched.

For more than a decade, Daily Planet has been hosted by a variety of people. The first ever hosts of includes Jay Ingram, Judy Haladay, and Gill Deacon. Daily Planet airs on Discovery Channel Canada on Monday to Friday at 4pm and 11pm on PST time.

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
6 Seasons, 590 Episodes - Currently Airing
September 30, 2002
Daily Planet
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