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Dallas is a serial drama that tracks the lives of two Texas families, the Ewings and the Barneses. As the series began, oil magnate Jock Ewing (Jim Davis) and his wife, Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes) lived on the sprawling Southfork Ranch outside of Dallas. His oldest son, J.R. (Larry Hagman), had assumed control of the family's prosperous oil firm, Ewing Oil, while his youngest son, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) had married Pamela Barnes (Victoria Principal), daughter of Jock's former business partner, Digger Barnes (David Wayne), who accused the Ewings of stealing his share of the business. Digger's son, Cliff (Ken Kercheval), went into politics with an eye on getting back at the Ewings, thus making their feud multi-generational.

The middle Ewing brother, Gary (Ted Shackelford), was seen only occasionally. An alcoholic, he was unable to live up to Jock's expectations. When he was young, he married a girl named Valene Clements (Joan Van Ark), and they had a daughter named Lucy (Charlene Tilton). J.R. disliked Valene and had her run off of Southfork. Gary was spun off onto his own series, "Knots Landing," where he lived in California with Valene, whom he had remarried.

J.R. is married to Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), a former Miss Texas who has become an alcoholic, but he is unfaithful to her. In a famous storyline, Sue Ellen's younger sister, Kristen (Mary Crosby), who had had an affair with J.R., shot him. She managed to escape prosecution by blackmailing him into believing she was pregnant with his child. Eventually, Sue Ellen bore J.R. a son, John Ross, while Bobby and Pam adopted a baby named Christopher.

Southfork ranch hand Ray Krebbs (Steve Kanaly) worked there for years, dated Pamela, and even became romantically linked with Lucy for a brief period, before he learned that Jock was his real father. Eventually, he married political activist Donna Culver (Susan Howard), then Bobby's one-time fianc

14 Seasons, 370 Episodes - Canceled
April 2, 1978
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  • Adam takes J.R. on an It's A Wonderful Life-esque journey just as Bobby hears a gunshot ring out from J.R.'s room.

  • While contemplating suicide, J.R. has a visit from Adam who takes him on journey to see how life would be if the Ewing family had never existed.

  • Depressed over the loss of Southfork, J.R. must partner up with Cliff. Meanwhile, Michelle is charged for Hillary Taylor's murder.

  • James decides once and for all between Michelle and Debra Lynn. Meanwhile, J.R. and Bobby get into it over Southfork's future; John Ross decides he wants to live with Sue Ellen; and Hillary Taylor must face Michelle.

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Actor Larry Hagman Dies

The "Dallas" and "I Dream of Jeannie" star died yesterday due to complications with throat cancer.

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