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Danger Man is a British TV series that was televised between 1964 and 1962, and from 1960 to 1968. The show featured a secret agent by the name of John Drake, played by Patrick McGoohan. The program was created by Ralph Smart, who composed a lot of the screenplays.

Every government has its secret service division. America has the CIA, France has the Deuxieme Bureau, and England has MI5. It’s a dirty job, and that is why they generally call on Danger Man or someone like him.

The first series of episodes ran about 25 minutes each and portrayed John Drake as working for a based intelligence organization in Washington D.C., mainly acting on behalf of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Yet the regularly went on missions nicely out of NATO authority; duties took him to the Far East, and Africa, Latin America. In episode 9, "The Sanctuary," Drake declares he's an Irish-American.

Drake occasionally appeared at odds with his superiors about the ethos of the assignments. Most of John Drake's cases included helping the democratic system in overseas nations and they also called him to resolve crimes and murders that affected the United States or NATO’s.

4 Seasons, 82 Episodes - Canceled
Action & Adventure
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  • Shinda Shima - the murdered island. This is the beautiful but menacing isle on which John Drake (PATRICK McGOOHAN) finds himself when netting out to discover who is behind a murder-brotherhood which has been revived in Japan. He takes over the identity of a defecting British Security electronics expert, a man from the Most Secret Communications Operations department who has suddenly resigned and has been detained when flying to Tokyo with the vital components of the newest telecrypton decoder. By following this man's contacts, Drake arrives at Shinda Shima. People are scared to go near it these days. Once, it was a thriving pearl-diving community, but a community which had never felt secure because of a legend that the marine gods are jealous of the riches in the sea. One day, the heads of three families would die mysteriously; and die they did. Everyone else moved to the mainland.

  • A Japanese girl, Ako Nakaruina (YOKO TANI), meets sudden death as she is transmitting a message from Tokyo warning that a United Nations' leading mediator will be assassinated within hours of his arrival in New York. It will be the first of a series of killings planned by an organisation centred in Tokyo. John Drake (PATRICK McGOOHAN) is the M,9 agent assigned to the case. He arrives in Tokyo, ostensibly as a radio reporter, and discovers how the girl died, He also discovers the meaning of a medallion which she had with her: the emblem of an ancient murder-brotherhood which believed in the poetry of death. They were artists in assassination, and now the brotherhood has been revived. Ako Nakamura, an agent working for the British, was on to them.

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