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Series Length:3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
Schedule: Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on DIY Network

DIY Network totally destroy its very own house just to repair it! Disaster House suffers very real damage like dropping a half-ton piano from almost 10 stories high, sponsoring the first sanctioned roller derby inside the living room, and having Page, an 8,000-pound African Elephant, help clog the toilet. These outrageous experiments accelerate the typical wear and tear a house incurs and mimic common catastrophes so viewers can discover what it takes to repair some of the biggest mishaps homeowners face today.

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Genre: Home & Garden
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  • Disaster House hosts its first-ever dance competition in the "Disaster House" living room to see what kind of foot-stomping creates the most squeaks in our floor.

  • Josh Temple and the Disaster House crew show you what to look for when your landscape is damaged and how to safely remove critters from your property.

  • Josh Temple and a crew create a nocturnal obstacle course for animals you're destined to run over in the dark. Later, Josh shows you just how dangerous an improperly lit property can be.

  • Four top chefs wreak havoc on kitchen countertops to demonstrate what kind of carnage can be done and how to repair it. Then a shower is transformed into a giant aquarium to prove how it's not as waterproof as you might think it is. Host and licensed contractor Josh Temple gives tips on how to keep the water out.

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