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Disney Channel's newest addition to thier line-up of sitcom's is called "Dog With A Blog." First it was Air Bud, the dog who could play basketball. Now we have a dog that actually has it's own online blog. Bloggers have come into the American culture as a recgonizable force, so why not add a dog to the mix, if not for nothing but to get a laugh.

The background story is this: A psychologist father has a child and step-child, Avery and Tyler Jennings, and they can't get along. At all. So, he buys them a dog, named Stan, to keep them from fighting and to actually help the two get along. However, the dog can talk. And, of course, blog. The kids do know that the dog can talk, but they have to keep it a secret, for fear that the dog will be sent back to the shelter if their parents lean the dog can talk.

We never learn how or why Stan can blog. And one wonders if people under the age of 20 (which of course, is the target audience group) even knows what a blog is? Teens and Tweens today are more apt to use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Perhaps that is why Disney uses a blog, to maybe re-introduce the younger society back to something, that quite frankly, isn't a bad idea. Blogs can be very useful and educational.

During the pilot episode, Stan only appears in two small scenes blogging. Stan's blog is like a blog for moms, only it's a blog for other pets. Stan discusses his owners, and offers reviews on animal products. This is a secret wherein animals scour the internet, looking for advise, reading blogs, and even looking up animal porn (and, yes, it's in the pilot).

The show is filled with jokes and antics about kids trying to get away with keeping things from their parents But, there are some good messages about family bonds and the joy of having a pet. And of course we get to see the dog's take on family bonding as well.

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Dog with a Blog Full Episode Guide

  • Feeling agitated, Stan starts talking in his sleep.

  • Avery is envious when Stan spends the night at Karl's house. Meanwhile, Bennett gets Chloe interested in wrestling.

  • Avery and her friends are all dating the same guy.

  • Stan wears one of Avery's designs in a fashion show. Meanwhile, Tyler takes an unplanned trip.

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