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The 1970's saw an evolution in television production with the types of shows that could be seen. The shows that could now be found on the television were of a more realistic nature that offered more realistic glimpses into some of the more noble occupations such as the medical field. However, many aspects of the fields were explored for observation as opposed to simply showing a one dimensional side. One series that did this in a very realistic and fairly accurate way was 'Emergency.'

A large part of what made 'Emergency' such a successful series, as evidenced by its long run of seven seasons, was that the series offered viewers a chance to see what those in the rescue and medical fields dealt with on a consistent basis and did so with a realistic take. Aside for the reality of the series there were also dramatic and even some comedic aspects that were tied in by offering a more human aspect into the characters' personal lives and the effects of the stresses on their chosen professions. Although there may be other series that followed that offered this type of formula, 'Emergency' was the first one to break that barrier.

The premise and plot of 'Emergency', although a simple one, was brilliant. Every week we tuned in to watch the Los Angeles Fire Department, Station 51, most especially the paramedic and rescue units as they performed their jobs. What gave the show such a unique aspect was that the story didn't simply end when the patient was brought to the doors of the emergency room, it continued as the patient was put into the capable hands of the Los Angeles Rampart Hospital's medical staff. The story would center around the patient's and their conditions and we learned the reasons why the condition occurred and what it would take to correct it as well as how these two groups of medical professionals pull together to help the public.

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7 Seasons, 124 Episodes - Ended
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  • A blackout forces fire rescuers Gage and DeSoto to take two women on a hand-over-hand descent down an elevator shaft.

  • A skyscraper fire traps an executive (Linda Gray) and her secretary (Anne Lockhart) on the building's 20th floor.

  • Roy and Johnny treat a singer suffering chest pains. The station responds to a night time auto accident and a daredevil attempting a tight walk between two buildings who has become trapped. Johnny tries to write a game show.

  • The widow of a firefighter constantly calls for help with matters that aren't emergencies to anyone but her. But when the woman's daughter is injured in a bad fall, the rescue workers quickly realize that she has a real emergency on her hands.

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