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  • Parallel Worlds: Explorations in "Second Life" with panelists Fred Ritchin, NYU professor and a contributing editor of Aperture; Michael Van Horn, curator of the Joseph Monsen Collection in Seattle; Richard Minsky, founder of SLART magazine; and Michael Schmelling, photographer.Presented in association with the first of a series of articles in Aperture wherein Fred Ritchin explores "postphotographic" media and emerging technology, this discussion focuses on the 3D virtual world Second Life, created entirely online by its residents - The New School

  • Paula Kerger, President and CEO of PBS discusses Can PBS Survive in a YouTube World?.What is public television's role in a YouTube world? How are Big Bird and Bill Moyers surviving in a crowded, yet increasingly consolidated, media landscape? Kerger is working to position public television as a vital resource nationwide. What are the challenges in running a public service media organization against sweeping change in both the media and philanthropic world, and periodic threats from Capitol Hill? - The Commonwealth Club of California

  • Dr. Hiroshi Tasaka discusses Beyond Web 2.0: How the Next Tech Revolution will Change the World.Dr. Hiroshi Tasaka, Professor at Tama University in Tokyo, and President of Thinktank SophiaBank, has authored numerous books on the philosophy of working, management theory, business strategy, the Internet revolution and knowledge society, as well as paradigm shifts in human society.A specialist in complexity systems, Dr. Tasaka will explore how next technology revolution will further empower the individual, blending the monetary and voluntary economies to create a new system of Capitalism. Dr. Tasaka will also discuss ways in which technology will help build bridges between the U.S. and Japan, as well as among countries in Asia in the emerging post-knowledge society - Imagining Global Asia

  • Daniel Lyons, aka Fake Steve Jobs, talks about his book Options and blog "The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs" written by his alter ego.The New York Times recently outed Forbes reporter Dan Lyons as Fake Steve Jobs. Who is Fake Steve Jobs, you ask? He's the guy who started the blog "The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs", which has been the subject of water cooler talk from Silicon Valley to Washington DC for the past year. But Lyons is also a fiction writer who has gotten the papal blessing (i.e., a best young novelist nod) from Granta, and in his new book OPTION$ he uses the persons and voice that he created on the blog to bring us into a world where an iPod-loving, T'ai Chi-practicing, Reed College dropout who just happens to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company gets a little, you know, creative when it comes to "dating".Fake Steve is, in his off-hours, a senior editor at Forbes and the author of a novel, Dog Days and a collection of stories, The Last Good Man. The recipient of both a prestigious National Endowment for the Arts Literary Fellowship and the somewhat notorious Playboy College Fiction Prize, he was names one of the "Fabulous 52" in the 1996 Best Young American Novelists competition sponsored by Granta. Among the readers of Dan's blog,, is Real Steve Jobs, who has called it "pretty funny" - Cody's Books

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