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Though it began as something of an imitation of the beloved science-fiction hit The X-Files, Fringe quickly demonstrated that it was much more than just a show devoted to examining the supernatural, metaphysical and scientific mysteries of the world through the eyes of its FBI team. The show is now considered to be a genuine sci-fi classic in its own right thanks to terrific episodic writing, outstanding acting and an over arching plot that includes the existence of multiple universes. Although it cannot boast the biggest audiences in television, those people who sit down every Friday night to watch Fringe are supremely devoted to the show.

Fringe's success is largely due to its stellar ensemble cast. John Noble leads the way as eccentric scientific genius Walter Bishop. Anna Torv carries an exceptionally difficult work load as FBI superstar Olivia Dunham, and Joshua Jackson portrays Olivia's love interest and Walter's son Peter Bishop. Most of the drama on the show is centered around these three major characters, but they are supported brilliantly by many others including Lance Reddick as Colonel Philip Broyles and Jasika Nicole as Agent Astrid Farnsworth. Legendary science-fiction actor Leonard Nimoy even makes a number of special appearances as the mysterious William Bell.

During the course of its four seasons on FOX, Fringe has built a loyal audience who love tuning into the program each week to see what sort of monster or oddity the Fringe team will be investigating. However, the most die-hard fans watch the program to learn more about the wonderfully-drawn characters, their relationships with each other and their relationships with the show's master storyline, which involves multiple universes in which subtle things are different. Although the show can be complicated at times, it rewards those who pay attention with some of the most thrilling action and astounding drama ever seen on the small screen.

Fringe will be leaving television screens after its fifth and final season, but it will surely live on through DVD viewings and syndicated showings. As more people become fans of the program, they inevitably encourage their friends and family members to watch, as well. This being the case, the show will surely live on for many years, even after its final episode airs. For four tremendous seasons, the characters of Fringe have compelled audiences with their stories, and though the show is set to take its final bow, viewers of the program will be happy they were able to spend an hour each week with the Fringe team.

5 Seasons, 101 Episodes - Canceled
September 9, 2008
Drama, Science Fiction
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Fringe Full Episode Guide

  • The series finale comes to a shocking and climatic conclusion.

  • The exciting worlds of "Fringe" reveal a mind-blowing ending as the team engages in one final battle.

  • Walter hopes to find out more about the elusive figure Donald and enters the deprivation tank. Captain Windmark embarks on a critical mission.

  • As the countdown to the climactic series finale nears, the Fringe team is racing against the clock to save the world. As Peter, Olivia, Astrid and Walter scramble to tap into a key piece of the puzzle to defeat the Observers, they enlist the aid of Nina Sharp who orchestrates a plan.

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