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The Glass House is a reality television show that airs on ABC. The first episode of the series premiered on June 18, 2012. The show features a grand prize of $250,000 that will be awarded to the last of fourteen people living in the house. The Glass House has several unique features that help differentiate the show from otherwise similar reality shows. The first differentiating factor is the house itself. The house is made entirely of glass and features cameras that track everything that happens within the house. The second factor is the fact that most of the decisions in the show are made by the viewers. The viewers vote for a variety of situations on the Glass House website. Prior to the beginning of the first season, the viewers voted on sleeping arrangements and team composition for the first challenge. The third major factor that sets this show apart from the competition is the introduction of live feeds. Throughout the week a person can go onto the website during certain times to view uncensored feeds of the house and the contestants.

A major component of each episode are the competitions. Each competition will result in two members of the losing team going up for elimination. The first person up for elimination is usually the team leader. The second person up for elimination is selected by the other contestants through anonymous voting. At the end of the episode both people are sent to limbo. Once in limbo it is up to the viewers to select one person that is allowed to return to the house. The viewers have all week to decide who will return, with the results of the voting being revealed at the beginning of the next episode. Another component is the question and answer phase. Every week each contestant is permitted to ask questions with only one word answers of the viewers. The other contestants can see the answers and who asked the question, but are not permitted to view the questions asked. Once again, the viewers have all week to answer the questions posted on the website.

In the end, The Glass House has aired despite threats of legal action from a competing network and reality show. Many of the show's elements will seem familiar to reality show fans. This show will likely attract those viewers who enjoy reality shows, but are also looking for some innovation in the genre.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on ABC
1 Season, 10 Episodes - Returning Series
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  • In the first-season finale, the winner is awarded the grand prize of $250,000.

  • Two eliminated players return, and contestants are tempted to swap places with them.

  • The contestants compete in a challenge involving a twisted Skee-Ball ramp.

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