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Series Length:2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
Schedule: Saturdays at 10:00 pm on Investigation Discovery

Happily Never After is a crime based television reality based show. It's premise is based around heinous crimes that have happened to couples on or shortly after their wedding day. Blushing Brides that are killed by their new groom or happy spouses murdered by their jealous ex are presented with interviews and dramatizations, playing out exactly how the crime happened according to those who were actually there.

Personal interviews with family members and victims heighten the drama as the story unfolds throughout the hour-long episode. New stories each week, with one or more in depth views into a new crime each episode. The new season, on Investigation Discovery, Happily Never After portrays stories of a couple's wedded bliss crushed by another's jealousy and envy.

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  • When single mom Debbie falls for salesman Bernard, they decide to elope in Vegas. But their joy goes bust when the bride vanishes.

  • Both orphans, Diane and Kevin find peace when they wed and become family. But everything shatters when a body is found dismembered in the snow. Was it a jealous ex? A serial killer on the prowl? Police struggle to uncover an ice-cold obsession.

  • Together, music teacher Wilma and restaurateur Richard create a perfect harmony. But things turn evil when jealousy sneaks in.

  • It was love for Bruce and Janice, until a bullet shattered their relationship during a three-month anniversary hunting trip. Police investigate and discover the situation was not an accident.

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