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Happily Never After is a crime based television reality based show. It's premise is based around heinous crimes that have happened to couples on or shortly after their wedding day. Blushing Brides that are killed by their new groom or happy spouses murdered by their jealous ex are presented with interviews and dramatizations, playing out exactly how the crime happened according to those who were actually there.

Personal interviews with family members and victims heighten the drama as the story unfolds throughout the hour-long episode. New stories each week, with one or more in depth views into a new crime each episode. The new season, on Investigation Discovery, Happily Never After portrays stories of a couple's wedded bliss crushed by another's jealousy and envy.

Saturdays at 10:00 pm on Investigation Discovery
3 Seasons, 33 Episodes - Currently Airing
July 21, 2012
Crime, Drama, Family, Mystery, Romance
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Happily Never After Full Episode Guide

  • Anita is thrilled to be married to her new husband Michael. But the perfect pair are tragically separated when a wave of deception comes crashing down on them.

  • Oscar and Victoria knew they would be dance partners for life, but soon after they marry, tragedy strikes. Now police must solve the case and bring a killer to justice.

  • Devout Christian Carol finds love with devoted Dennis. Their love comes to a painful end when Carol dies unexpectedly. But when the autopsy reveals a lethal substance in her body, police are lead to an evil killer.

  • Eddie Patton and Tyler Walsh have a miserable meeting with an intruder.

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