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Hardcore Pawn, a show airing on TruTv, follows the daily trials and tribulations of a pawn shop on Detroit's notorious 8 mile Road. The documentary-style show touches on all parts of the pawn business from the customer complaints, to the rampant drug problems and poverty that plague Detroit and bring customers into the pawn shop. The show also highlights the relationships between the family that owns and runs the location.

Les Gold, the majority stakeholder in the business, has worked in the Pawn industry all his life. His father was the owner of Sam's Gold located on Michigan Avenue before he teamed with his son and opened American Jewelry and Loan, the pawn shop that is the focus of the show. Now in his 60s, Les often finds himself embroiled in heated debates with his business partner and son, Seth. Seth, a young, college graduate is looking to take the reigns of the business and lead it towards a more technologically advanced marketing campaign. Ashley, the daughter of Les, returned back to the shop after some time off to raise children. The sibling rivalry often spills over as Seth, Les and Ashley try to meld their different business ideals together.

When family squabbles and differences in opinion do not rule the television show viewers are offered an in-depth look at how the pawn business operates. From the most irate of customers looking to get their items back, to poverty-stricken single mothers looking to garner a quick loan, TruTv sugarcoats nothing. The shop; which sits in one of Detroit's most poverty-stricken neighborhoods, services a delightful array of clients and the true underbelly of the pawn business is exposed.

Hardcore Pawn is currently in its 6th season and has aired 77 episodes. The show premiered on August 16th, 2010 to critical acclaim. The show has often been compared to Pawn Stars, one of the History Channels biggest, original successes. While Pawn Stars focuses on obscure and valuable items that come into a pawn shop in Las Vegas Hardcore Pawn focuses more on the raw emotions and true underbelly of the pawn industry. It is a must see for anyone interested in the raw emotions that explode in an industry marked by seedy dealings.

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  • Les and Seth visit a customer with a garage full of amazing vintage cars. Les ignores his kids and offers big money for one of the guy's golden oldies...but can he close the deal? While a male stripper gives Byron the slip, Karen stumbles making a big deal and Ashley forces a customer to kiss a Gremlin for cash.

  • When the Golds uncover a series of fake pawns, all evidence points to a trusted employee.

  • Ashley pranks Seth to teach him a lesson about locking his door, but Seth seeks vengeance. Les takes the plunge on a prison toilet, and a ventriloquist offers to sell his dummy to Bobby J.

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